Turn AI creations into tangible products

Plus: Talk to your databases with AI

Welcome back! Spotify is upping its AI game (and I mean more than suggesting “masterpiece lyrical Wednesday afternoon” on my Daylist). The company is testing a new feature called AI Playlist—and I can’t wait to try it. The feature, currently available to Premium subscribers in the UK and Australia, allows users to create a playlist from any prompt. I think I’ll try “a playlist that feels like finding the perfect AI tool to automate the task you’ve been avoiding.” 😂

Bring your product ideas to life with Off/Script

How it works: Off/Script is a community-led platform that uses AI to turn any idea into a tangible, monetizable product. The rundown:

  1. Describe your design idea to the platform’s built-in generative AI studio. 

  2. Publish your concept to the platform, where it will be pushed to users for voting. 

  3. Get enough votes and pre-orders, and Off/Script will actually produce the physical product and sell it through the platform’s marketplace. 

Make money on your ideas: Off/Script ensures that creators retain intellectual property rights, even for AI-generated designs. Creators keep 70% of revenue from their design ideas. (Pricing: freemium)

InsightBase lets you chat with your database

How it works: Use InsightBase to interact with any of your data sources—whether internal databases or third-party APIs—no coding or SQL knowledge required. Once you’ve integrated all of your databases into InsightBase’s platform, you can ask the tool questions about your data in plain English, build visual dashboards and reports, and use the tool’s AI-driven analytics to make better business decisions.

Key features: InsightBase utilizes advanced predictive analytics and real-time monitoring to identify patterns and trends in your data. You can even ask the tool to notify you every time your data changes. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

Master AI & ChatGPT for FREE in just 3 hours

Join this 3-hour ChatGPT & AI Workshop (worth $99) by Growthschool to master AI tools and ChatGPT hacks at no cost. 

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Do quick excel analysis & make AI-powered PPTs in 5 minutes

  • Build your own personal AI assistant to save 10+ hours

  • Become an expert at prompting & learn 20+ AI tools

  • Research faster & make your life a lot simpler & more…

Audialab generates infinite, royalty-free drums

How it works: Make a beat on AI-powered Emergent Drums by selecting the type of drum sample you want to generate…then watch the tool output a unique sample (either completely random, or something similar to an existing sample—user’s choice). You can trim each generation and fine-tune the gain, attack, release, clip, filter, and pitch of each sample.

Compact view: Audialab’s new Compact View (shown above) allows you to zoom into a single sound while maintaining access to your entire kit. (Pricing: freemium)

Linfo.ai summarizes lengthy online content

How it works: Too much content, too little time? Linfo.ai is an AI-powered browser extension that can summarize lengthy articles, blogs, papers, and YouTube videos into concise, neatly structured summaries. Just download the browser extension and allow access to URLs. The extension will automatically pop up as a sidebar—click on the icon to instantly generate a summary of the content on your tab.

Mind mapping: If you’re a visual learner, you’ll love Linfo.ai’s mind map feature. For every summary it generates, the tool also generates a mind map of the information to help you visually organize the page’s content. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

Build complex AI applications with Sieve

How it works: Sieve is a cloud-based platform that offers state-of-the-art models and production-ready apps that you can easily package together into one, multi-model app through a few lines of code…like combining the best features of AI models into one app. Its curated set of production-ready apps include transcript analysis, lip synchronization, and content dubbing.

Scalable infrastructure: Sieve was made to automatically scale as your traffic increases with no extra configuration. (Pricing: freemium—compute-based pricing means you only pay for what you use)

And that’s a wrap! I’ll be back in your inbox on Friday with a roundup of this week’s biggest AI headlines. Catch you then!

—Matt (FutureTools.io)

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