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This week was a big one for AI. As summer winds down, more companies are announcing what they've been working on.

OpenAI released an enterprise plan and made several other announcements, including improvements to their AI systems. Google hosted their Cloud Next event, unveiling AI integrations for their cloud solutions. Tesla had a successful test of their fully self-driving AI. And surveys show most people still don't use or fear AI as much as media portrays.

Exciting to see momentum picking up again. AI hype will likely resurge soon too.

Let's dig into the cool new tools I found this week, as well as key AI/ML developments.

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Coda is a doc that combines the flexibility of word processors, the structure of spreadsheets, and the power of apps into one place. With Coda AI, you can delegate repetitive tasks, create content at scale, and get insights faster. Coda recently announced AI chat, a new feature that enables you to iterate on content or ask questions about your doc, such as where are my meeting notes from last week? or what are the pros and cons with this plan? The best part: Coda AI is currently in Beta, so you can get access for free for a limited time.

🗞️ AI News & Articles

  1. OpenAI shatters revenue expectations, predicted to generate over $1 billion - OpenAI is poised to generate over $1 billion in revenue in the next year according to a new report, a massive increase from previous estimates of just $28 million for 2021. This growth is being driven by companies like Microsoft, Jane Street, and others finding commercial applications for OpenAI's AI technology, with customized enterprise AI assistants emerging as a hot new product area. This report contradicts recent claims that OpenAI was hemorrhaging money and could go bankrupt by 2024, instead showing that they have found a path to profitability through partnerships and enterprise offerings. The ability to monetize AI conversational technology could have major implications for the future of artificial intelligence.

  2. Google Makes Several AI Announcements At Google Cloud Next - Google announced several updates to Workspace powered by Duet AI, including new assistance features in Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meet, and Chat. Duet can now generate summaries, suggest ideas, take notes, and more. Meet updates include real-time captions in 300+ languages, summaries of what's missed when joining late, and a teleprompter. Other announcements included updates to Vertex AI like new models and capabilities, a new AI chip, multi-cluster scaling for AI workloads, security enhancements like Mandiant Hunt, and partnerships for industry data.

  3. Elon Musk takes FSD Beta V12 on 45-minute rush hour demo while musing over stop sign regulations - Elon Musk recently took Tesla's unreleased Full Self-Driving Beta V12 software for a 45-minute test drive during rush hour in Palo Alto, commenting on the smoothness and intuitive driving of the system. This real-world demo, during which the car navigated complex traffic situations like unprotected left turns, is likely to be seen as a pivotal moment for autonomous vehicle technology. However, Musk noted there are still regulatory challenges to overcome before fully self-driving cars can become a reality, as the system does not always adhere to traffic laws as written. Overall, this hands-on showcase of Tesla's driverless technology marks a major milestone in the development of safe and reliable autonomous vehicles.

Other News:

🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. Vscoped: Vscoped uses AI to automatically transcribe video and audio content into text. It works for videos and audio of any length, in multiple languages, and provides an easy way to add subtitles or captions. I tested it myself on a video this morning and it worked great (and it’s currently free)!

2. TextFX: TextFX is an experimental AI tool that helps rappers, writers, and wordsmiths boost their creativity using language models. Developed in collaboration with Lupe Fiasco, it provides 10 different ways to play with words and language, aimed at sparking new ideas and artistic possibilities.

3. Match AI: Match AI is an AI-powered web app that makes color grading intuitive by letting users copy color schemes from reference images and apply them to their own photos and videos. It provides an easy way for creatives to kickstart professional-looking color grades without learning complex editing software.

4. Samsung Food: Samsung Food is an all-in-one recipe and meal planning app that helps users save, organize, and share recipes, create weekly meal plans, generate grocery lists, and discover new dishes. With handy features like nutrition tracking and community recipe sharing, it streamlines home cooking from inspiration to shopping.

5. Stacks: Stacks is a free browser extension that uses AI to automatically organize saved links and content into relevant categories, making valuable information easy to find and share. By centralizing knowledge and powering quick searches, it helps individuals and teams eliminate frustration from scattered bookmarks and tedious searching.
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📺️ Must-Watch Videos

📢 Announcements

  • Hosting Nvidia Speech AI Day: On September 20th, I’ll be hosting a panel of AI experts and engineers for Nvidia’s Speech AI day. We’ll be discussing things like text-to-speech technology and how systems are trained to speak and hear like us. It should be a fun (and free) event. Check out details here.

  • Awesome Contests In The Discord: If you’re not in the Discord community yet, now is a great time to join! We’re hosting back-to-back-back contests for community members to generate AI art and win cool prizes. Jump into the community for free here.

  • Some Newsletter Changes: Over the coming weeks, you’ll likely see some changes to this newsletter. I’m going to be experimenting with upping the frequency to two emails per week but slightly shorter emails. You may also notice that I rearrange some of the sections and test removing or adding other sections. Please feel free to offer any feedback on any of the changes you might notice. :)

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Create AI Chatbots For Companies:

Every company wants to improve the speed and quality of their customer service. They also want to decrease the amount of people it takes to fulfill on that customer service.

With tools like Get Chunky, you can provide a valuable service to companies. Take their existing knowledgebase and help documents, pull the questions and answers into a spreadsheet, and sync it up to a tool like Get Chunky to design an automated chatbot for their business.

Companies will pay big bucks in order to have their customer service time cut way down, and the effort on your part to do this is minimal, assuming they already have some existing help docs that most customers are too lazy to read. :)

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