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The AI tools changing the game this week

Welcome back! Quick PSA for all ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users: Custom GPTs, which OpenAI announced at its DevDay, are now live and ready to use. Just log into, click “explore” in the sidebar, and select “Create a GPT.” If you try it out, reply and let me know what you think!

Meanwhile, here are five new AI tools you should know about. 

🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. LegalNow: No more excuses for missing the fine print. This personal legal assistant is by your side to create or review any legal document.

How it works: LegalNow is a lawyer-grade AI tool that drafts, reviews, and manages legal documents, including employment contracts, terms and conditions, NDAs, and more. Trained by top-tier lawyers, LegalNow’s GPT-4 technology promises to provide accurate and reliable legal advice. Other features include in-depth clause explanations and ambiguity checks, which prevent legal disputes by identifying ambiguous wording.

Bonus points: LegalNow’s decentralized, encrypted storage system ensures that your sensitive legal documents are handled securely. (Pricing: freemium)

2. xActions: Leverage AI on any website you visit, directly through your browser.

How it works: xActions is a Chrome extension that adds ChatGPT to your browser, allowing users to interact with any website in a variety of ways. The tool’s key feature is the ability to chat directly with or summarize a website’s content. Through this feature, xActions can even explain the website’s code. xAction also allows users to create custom actions and automate tasks (like language translation) on any website they want. 

Plus: You can generate images using xActions by selecting any text on a website, which will be used as a prompt for xActions’ image generator. (Pricing: paid)


3. Dubbing AI: This AI tool can convert your voice into high-quality cloned voices—from celebrities to your favorite gaming characters—in real time. 

How it works: Dubbing AI converts your voice into cloned voices in less than 300 milliseconds, so you can communicate live with a different voice. Users can even clone or generate their own AI voice and tailor it for specific needs. 

Gamer-friendly: Dubbing AI is low usage and low latency, using just 2-3% of your CPU (compared to other gaming software like replay video capture, which uses 25-30% of your CPU). This makes it the perfect tool for gamers and streamers looking to level up their content. (Pricing: freemium)

4. PlaiDay: PlaiDay is a first-of-its-kind social platform and text-to-video generator that can embed your selfie (or anyone’s face) into custom content.

How it works: With a simple text prompt, you can create your own video—and then insert yourself and friends into the video by uploading your selfies. You can also swap your face into existing videos or your friends’ video creations. PlaiDay encourages collaboration with its social feed in the PlaiDay app and on Discord. (Pricing: freemium)

P.S. I liked this tool so much, I dedicated an entire video to it.

5. Pezzo: This open-source AI platform is a handy developer toolkit to build, monitor, test, and instantly deploy new AI applications in one place.

How it works: Pezzo is packed with powerful features—like prompt management and synced collaboration—to streamline AI builders’ workflows. Its troubleshooting feature inspects prompt-executions in real-time, and its observability feature tracks exactly what happens at each point the development process. Getting started with Pezzo is easy—all it takes is a few lines of code. (Pricing: free)


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And there you have it! I’ll be back in your inbox on Friday with a roundup of this week’s biggest AI headlines. Catch you then!

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