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Another Crazy Week in AI - Here's Your TLDR

New Mind-Expanding Tools, News & Videos For The Week

This week was another busy one with big announcements from Adobe, Microsoft, and Google. This week also saw NVIDIA grow by over 25% in a single day, pushing it into the top 6 largest companies on the planet, all thanks to the compute power they're currently providing to the AI world.

Microsoft held their "Build" event this week, an announcement and demo-filled presentation showing off all of their latest developments for builders and developers. This event saw the release of several new AI features built directly into Windows and their Office suite of tools.

If I'm being totally honest, the world of cool AI tools has been a bit slow lately, with a lot of companies just jumping on existing APIs and building the same AI tools over and over again. There's some amazing research that's been coming out with things like "Drag Your GANs" and larger and larger token models for existing LLMs. But there have not been a ton of tools that have come across my email lately where I think "man, everyone should be seeing this." I picked my top 5 this week but I'm still waiting on something that really forces people to take notice again.

Despite the slowdown in actual interesting and novel tools, there's still been a ton of announcements and movement in the AI space… So let's break it down.

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🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. Adobe Photoshop: I can’t do a tool breakdown for this week without mentioning Adobe Photoshop. Obviously, this isn’t a new tool by any means. However, Photoshop received a massive upgrade this week with its new "generative fill" feature, which puts the power of Adobe Firefly image generation directly inside Photoshop.
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2. Kaiber Storyboard: I'm a big fan of Kaiber. I've used it to convert images into videos, text into videos, and even transform videos into cooler videos. However, this week, they just rolled out a new feature called Storyboards. This feature allows you to string together multiple images, videos, and prompts into a single, longer video using their awesome Deforum-based model in the background.
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3. Waitlyst: This is actually one of the more interesting uses of AI that I’ve seen lately. This tool pays attention to what actions users take on your site and from your email list and then automatically uses AI to follow-up with them to improve the customer experience and to help close more sales.
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4. Emberly: This tool combines note-taking, mindmapping, and bookmarking with AI to organize your information. This allows you to better organize thoughts, ideas, and collected information in a more visual format along with an AI writing assistant to help get those thoughts started and more fully fleshed out.
(Free & Paid Plans)

5. Blockade Labs: Again, this is another tool that I’ve mentioned in the past that recently got a major upgrade. With Blockade labs you can create amazing 3D scenes with simple text prompts. However, with their new drawing features, you can better design the exact 3D scene that you’re looking for. Simply draw in what you’d like to see, type your prompt, and watch as the tool brings it to life. Best of all, it’s still 100% free to use.

🗞️ AI News & Articles

  1. Microsoft Build brings AI tools to the forefront - The Microsoft Build event brought most of the major news this week. Announcements included Windows 11 getting an AI sidebar that will work system-wide. They also announced that plugins built for ChatGPT will work directly inside Bing and the new Windows Co-pilot. Other revelations included a new analytics platform, Bing becoming the default browser in ChatGPT, internet browsing functionality coming soon to the free ChatGPT plan, and an upgraded version of GitHub Co-Pilot that will now even work with Windows Terminal commands. With Windows integrating AI directly into the operating system, could this render many AI-based businesses that are building standalone AI tools obsolete if people can achieve these tasks directly from Windows?

  2. Adobe is adding AI image generator Firefly to Photoshop - You can now generate AI images directly from within Photoshop. Their new "generative fill" feature allows you to select any area of an image, type a prompt, and have whatever you imagined generated directly into the image. This will make compositing in Photoshop infinitely easier and empower a whole new generation of people to create amazing creations within Photoshop. We're reaching a point where anyone, regardless of their existing skill level, can create any image that they imagine... And for those who are already talented artists, they're simply gaining new tools to add to their arsenal, supercharging their existing skillset.

  3. Nvidia stock explodes after 'guidance for the ages' - Back in January, I made what I thought was a bold prediction on Twitter that NVIDIA would grow to be a top 3 company in the world. At the time, they were the 11th largest company by market cap. Well, yesterday, NVIDIA grew by over 25% in a single day, bringing their market cap to almost $1 trillion! This puts them among the top 6 largest companies on the planet, and it's all been driven by the demand for compute power for generative AI. Will they actually reach the top 3? I'm less certain about that now than I was in January, especially since Apple, Microsoft, and Meta have all announced over the last several months their intentions to start building their own chips. However, stocks are driven largely by public perception, and the perception right now is that NVIDIA has what all these AI companies need, so I imagine there's still some upside from here. (This is not investment advice... just random musings.)

📺️ Must-Watch Videos

💰️ A Money Idea To Try

Email Copywriter:

Almost every company with an online presence has learned that it's smart to grow an email list. With a list, they have a method to repeatedly contact their leads and customers to keep them engaged and generate more sales.

However, the majority of companies are really bad at actually mailing their list and communicating with their leads and customers on a consistent basis. This presents a huge opportunity for an AI-first thinker. You could offer to manage the email marketing for a few companies, feed their customer demographics into a chatbot, and have the bot write email sequences for the company.

You could charge per email that you send for them or, better yet, charge a percentage of the income generated from the emails. For example, you could write a sequence using tracking links (like Google UTM codes), and charge the customer 10% of any income generated by the emails that you write. The customer doesn't lose money if your emails don't perform, and you have a huge upside potential.


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