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Welcome back! Apple and Google might be reshaping smartphones as we know them. Bloomberg broke the news that Apple is in talks with Google to bring its Gemini models to the iPhone. This means Apple might drop new AI-powered features with iOS 18 as soon as this year. If that’s true, a new era of AI-powered smartphones is just around the corner…

OneCliq is your all-in-one content assistant

How it works: OneCliq turns your long-form videos (videos that are at least 5 minutes long work best) into specialized content for any social platform. After uploading a video from your camera roll, YouTube, or Google Drive, choose the type of content you want to create. OneCliq can generate anything from LinkedIn posts and newsletters to short-from videos tailored to Instagram and TikTok. The generated videos are ready to post—complete with optimized titles, engaging captions, and transcripts.

Stuck on content ideas? OneCliq offers a research assistant that identifies trending video topics and notifies you of the latest search trends. It also analyzes the content strategies of your competitors to give you a competitive edge. (Pricing: freemium)

Charmed is your AI toolkit for 3D video game design

How it works: Charmed offers a sweeping suite of AI-powered art tools that create detailed meshes, material textures, and animations for your 3D game characters and assets. The Geometry Generator tool creates custom 3D models in just a few minutes using text-to-3D or image-to-3D technology. You can run your new 3D model through Charmed’s Texture Generator to explore different looks and styles, or bring it to life with Charmed’s AI-powered 3D Animator—no manual animation skills required. 

Bonus: Charmed also has a Quest Generator tool that generates creative scenarios and narratives for your 3D character (complete with name, personality, and backstory). (Pricing: freemium)

EverLearns turns your learning materials into full courses

How it works: EverLearns helps parents, content creators, and educators generate quality courses on any topic and in any language. To create a new course, fill out some basic information (like course topic, target audience, and desired learning outcomes). Then upload your learning material (e.g. YouTube videos, lecture recordings, and website URLs, and PDFs) and EverLearns will generate an entire course—divided into specific modules and lessons—from that material. 

Bonus: For better learning retention, EverLearns also generates lecture notes and quizzes to go along with your course. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

Quartzite AI simplifies complex LLM prompt creation

How it works: Quartzite AI is a Prompt Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that helps you write better AI prompts. The tool’s prompt editor lets you experiment with different prompt variations after configuring some basic settings (like which LLM you want to work with and how many tokens your prompt should use). You can submit different iterations of the same prompt and compare which version generates the best output. Thanks to the tool’s version history, you’ll be able to keep track of the different ideas you’ve tested. 

Sidenote: Quartzite AI supports a wide range of popular LLMs (including GPT-4 and Gemini Pro, with Claude 2 and Cohere AI on the horizon). In most cases, you’ll need an API key to access your LLM of choice through this tool (here’s how getting an API key works). (Pricing: paid) designs professional slide decks in minutes

If you spend hours in PowerPoint or Google Slides perfecting your slide design, this tool is a real time-saver. 

How it works: offers two design options: You can either choose from its vast library of presentation templates and build your presentation slide by slide, or use the Designer Bot AI to create slides for you. Simply prompt the Designer Bot with a description of your envisioned slides and content. In 60 seconds, you’ll get a complete slide deck that you can edit to your liking. 

Bonus: You can also create custom slide templates featuring your brand colors, fonts, and logos to make sure that you stay on brand with every presentation. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

And that’s a wrap! I’ll be back in your inbox on Friday with a roundup of this week’s biggest AI headlines. Catch you then!

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