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AI tools changing the game this week

Welcome back! Midjourney just dropped its most anticipated feature yet: character consistency. If you’re an image generator junkie like myself, you know how big this is. Now, you can use the same character across multiple images and styles—a huge breakthrough for storyboarding. If you try it out, let me know what you think!

Invoke is the IP-protecting image generator

How it works: Invoke is a Stable Diffusion-based image generator that is designed specifically for creative professionals like designers, marketers, architects, and artists. Unlike simple “type prompt, get picture” image generators, Invoke’s Unified Canvas feature packs multiple image tools into one single workflow. It lets users generate, edit, expand, and upscale images all in one place. You can also set up custom workflows that automatically apply the visual effects and edits of your choice, allowing you to batch-edit large amounts of images. 

Full ownership: Invoke ensures that you retain full control of your intellectual property. It doesn’t use the images you create to train its models or sell to third parties and gives you ownership of the images you create. (Pricing: paid)

TwoShot finds and creates royalty-free music samples

How it works: TwoShot is a music sampling platform that helps you find the perfect tunes for your project. It offers an extensive library of 200,000+ royalty-free music samples—and you can customize existing samples by prompting TwoShot’s AI. Alternatively, you can generate your own music samples from scratch by briefly describing what you want (like “fast drum & bass jungle-style drum loop” or “layered violins inspired by Mozart"). 

Integration: TwoShot has a plugin that lets you integrate your music samples directly into your favorite music production tool. (Pricing: freemium)

The Most Efficient, Secure Password Manager for Your Business

You’ve streamlined most of your workflow with AI…and yet, you still keep your passwords and sensitive information in random spreadsheets you can never seem to find. 🤦

73% of employees waste 15+ minutes daily trying to access infrastructure. That’s why NordPass built the all-in-one password manager for teams. With NordPass, you can:

  • Store and access your online accounts in one place and autofill whenever you need

  • Give and remove access to systems, software, and sensitive data in seconds

  • Use the only password manager that deploys the ultra-secure XChaCha20 data encryption algorithm

Limited-time offer: secure your business effortlessly with a 3-month NordPass trial! Use "futuretools" activation code here.

Persuva is your personal ad copywriter

How it works: Persuva saves you time and effort by writing persuasive marketing content for your business. After you provide info on your product, Persuva will generate tailored ad copy that speaks to the needs of your potential customers. The tool does its homework: It performs extensive research on your target audience for you. The generated copy is optimized for Facebook and Instagram, but also works for other social media platforms and email marketing. 

Learning resource: Persuva also offers a Strategy Hub that provides users with helpful information copywriting (like eBooks on marketing theories, frameworks, and best practices that are not widely available online). (Pricing: freemium)

IdeaSpark is your new business brainstorming partner

How it works: IdeaSpark uses AI to come up with innovative business ideas for various industries and in multiple languages (including French, Chinese, and Spanish). To get started, just choose a language and an industry—you can also specify niches within that industry. Then, share your initial musings on the kind of business you’re looking to start. Within seconds, IdeaSpark will generate a full business idea—complete with a brief description of its market fit, business model, pricing scheme, cost to build, and more. 

Bonus: Already have a business idea? IdeaSpark can generate pitch decks, financial forecasts, market strategies, and risk assessments for you. (Pricing: free)

Repeto helps you learn smarter

Whether you’re learning statistics for college or Japanese just for fun, Repeto makes your study process more effective.

How it works: Upload any text-based document (from research papers to legal files) to Repeto. You can then ask Repeto’s AI chatbot to explain anything about the document’s content, including images and charts. Repeto also automatically generates notes, quizzes, and summaries from the document to help you study better. 

Visualize: If you’re a visual learner, Repeto generates useful graphics and mind maps from the key concepts in your documents—all it takes is one click. (Pricing: freemium)

And that’s a wrap! If you try out Midjourney’s new character consistency feature, let me know! I’d love to see your results.

—Matt (FutureTools.io)

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