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We've had another slower week in the world of AI. There weren't any groundbreaking announcements, like a new version of MidJourney or a massive update to ChatGPT. Nevertheless, the AI world is still buzzing, with multiple companies securing billion-dollar (with a 'B') investments and a handful of tools receiving incremental upgrades that continue to advance the AI sector.

In my opinion, the most exciting development of the week was the introduction of Zeroscope, a new text-to-video model. It's producing significantly higher quality videos than what we were seeing just a few weeks ago.

It’s starting to feel like people are settling into this new norm of AI being everywhere and integrated into everything. The amount of AI updates is mind-blowing to most but the pace has also been normalized a bit, where we all just expect insane updates every week. In my opinion, it’s nice to have some slow weeks from time to time.

Here’s the most interesting stuff that I came across this week…

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🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. ZeroScope: Past text-to-video generators included ModelScope, which had ShutterStock watermarks all over the videos and Gen-2, which is a paid app. This week, we got ZeroScope, which seems to be higher-quality, has no watermarks, and is available to use for free on Hugging Face.

2. Playground AI - Mixed Image Editing: Playground AI is not a new tool itself, however, they just rolled out a new feature that helps it compete with Adobe’s Generative Fill and MidJourney’s “Zoom Out” features. You can replace anything in an image, similar to Generative Fill and you can now extend an image and let AI fill in the gaps, similar to Zoom Out. For most people, Playground AI is completely free to use too (unless you’re generating an insanely high volume of images).
(Free & Paid Plans)

3. Wonder Studio: This is another one that I’ve shown off in the past. It allows you to take a video with a human in it and replace that human with a computer generated character. What makes it worthy of talking about in this week’s edition is that it is now out of private beta and available for everyone to use publicly. It does come with a cost but anyone can use it now. No more waitlist.

4. Twine: Twine syncs up to your Slack account, your Zoom account, and even pulls in news from various resources and provides summaries of everything you need to know. They have a very generous free plan that, so far, seems to be able to do everything you’d want to do with it.
(Free & Paid Plans)

5. ElevenLabs Voice Library: ElevenLabs, the groundbreaking tool that makes the most realistic sounding text-to-speech audio available, released a new feature. They now have a voice library where you can find other voices that other creators have generated. Instead of spending time generating new voices yourself, you can simply grab and use other voices that people have made available in the library.
(Free & Paid Plans)

🗞️ AI News & Articles

  1. How people are really using AI (and what they’re afraid of) - This article provides an analysis of a poll involving 2,000 Americans. While this might not be a statistically significant number of participants, the results are nonetheless intriguing. It demonstrates how early those of us are who read newsletters like this one. Surprisingly, 43% of people haven't heard of ChatGPT yet, and a staggering 75% of people have never heard of MidJourney! Although this is based only on a sample of 2,000 people in the US, it certainly indicates that a large segment of the population is still not even paying attention to this stuff.

  2. Adobe indemnity clause designed to ease enterprise fears about AI-generated art - Adobe has announced that if an enterprise customer is sued for using art generated with Adobe Firefly, they will cover the costs. Adobe trains their models on images from their database of stock images, as well as on images that are in the public domain. Theoretically, this means they hold the rights to every image the model was trained on. Amid growing concerns about the legality of using AI-generated images and the uncertainty around the origins of the training data, Adobe is trying to alleviate these fears. By offering to cover any potential legal costs, they're effectively putting their money where their mouth is, promising customers that they won't get in trouble for using their models.

  3. Inflection AI, The Year-Old Startup Behind Chatbot Pi, Raises $1.3 Billion - This investment values the company at $4 billion. This makes this the 4th largest fund raising round by an AI company (the first being OpenAI’s $10 Billion from Microsoft). Much of the investment comes from Microsoft and Nvidia. With this funding, Inflection plans to build the world's largest GPU cluster for AI. This highlights the accelerating pace of AI development, the importance of computing infrastructure in building advanced AI systems, and the significant role of tech giants in AI funding and partnerships. It also reveals the strategic trend of AI firms aligning with technology powerhouses for infrastructure and financial support.

📺️ Must-Watch Videos

💰️ A Money Idea To Try

Create and sell coloring books:

This is an oldie but goodie and is still working exceptionally well for people!

An example of a coloring book image

If you were to pick a theme, for example, exotic cars, you could generate 25-30 images in the style of a coloring book using MidJoureny. You could then go do Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform (KDP) and create a physical book that's print-on-demand. There is no upfront cost to create the books and Amazon only prints them as they are ordered.

If you can find a few niche ideas to make coloring books around, you could start a little coloring book empire, and create nearly passive income.

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