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This week was a bit slower in the world of AI. NVIDIA had tons of big news, but outside of that one company, there wasn’t a whole lot to report on. That’s not a bad thing either. We could use a little bit of a break. Besides, I’m currently writing this from a hotel room in Santa Clara, and the slow-down made this getaway a little bit easier.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re likely going to hear a ton of buzz around the XR space. XR is short for “Extended Reality,” and it’s a bit of a catch-all term for augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality (a blend of the two). I’m actually at an event called Augmented World Expo, where all the builders in this space come to show off their latest gadgets and tech. There’s some pretty insane stuff being shown off here, something I’ll make a video about soon. But that’s not the only reason XR is going to be buzzing…

Next week, Apple has their annual WWDC event (Worldwide Developer Conference). This is the event where Apple unveils some of their latest tech and, the word on the street is that they’re going to be unveiling their new mixed reality headset. There’s a lot of high hopes for that, and the tech world is going to be all about it over the next few weeks. So that’s something to look forward to.

Anyway, again, it’s been a slower week, but there are a few notable things to point out. So let’s dive in…

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🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. Convai: Everyone was talking about the demo that Jensen Huang gave at Computex, which showed a human interacting with an AI game character in real-time. The tech behind the scenes of that demonstration was Convai, a tool where you can create a backstory and personality for a character and then bring them to life inside games.
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2. Lalamu: You've seen all the memes where people take still images and then animate their mouths to make them talk. Well, Lalamu is kind of like that but for videos. You can take clips from videos, give the video new audio, and then the lips will sync up to that new audio within the video. Get ready for a whole new generation of meme creation, as well as an easy way to overdub new audio into video scenes.
(Free Demo)

3. If you've tried to use plugins inside of ChatGPT, you've probably noticed that it's kind of a pain to find the plugin that you're looking for. I'm sure that OpenAI is going to fix that and make an easier-to-navigate plugin marketplace at some point. However, until they do, this tool solves that problem for you. Think of it as "Future Tools" but for ChatGPT plugins. :)

4. Tomat.AI: This is a great free tool that you install on your desktop. It works on both PCs and Macs, and it will help you better understand and interpret CSV files. Upload a CSV, and then use this AI-powered tool to query, sort, and analyze the data contained within that CSV file.

5. Narrated Tours: If you're going to be visiting a city and want to take a historic walk while getting a narrated tour of what you're looking at, you no longer need to hire someone to give it to you. You can use a tool like "Narrated Tours." Simply plug in your start location, your end location, and any sites you want to be sure to see along the way, and it will create the tour, with narration, for you. They have a couple of free tours available now, or you can generate custom tours for about $5.
(Free & Paid Plans)

🗞️ AI News & Articles

  1. All the Nvidia news announced by Jensen Huang at Computex - The biggest news came out of NVIDIA this week at the Computex event that was held in Taiwan. At this event, Jensen Huang showed off his new superchips that are insanely powerful and will allow much faster training for future LLMs. He also demonstrated many amazing use-cases of AI combined with NVIDIA chips, including a demonstration of a real-time interaction with a game character whose entire dialogue was generated on the fly with AI.

  2. A majority of Americans have heard of ChatGPT, but few have tried it themselves - Only 14% of Americans have actually tried ChatGPT, and only 58% have even heard of it. That tells you how truly early we really are with this technology. Anyone who's diving into this now and using tools like ChatGPT and reading newsletters like this one are ahead of 86% of Americans who haven't even dived in yet.

  3. Digital Renaissance: NVIDIA Neuralangelo Research Reconstructs 3D Scenes - NVIDIA Research just dropped a new AI model called Neuralangelo, and it's blowing minds. It takes 2D video clips and morphs them into crazy detailed 3D structures - think stuff like roof shingles or smooth marble. This AI is doing things nobody has seen before and it's a game changer for folks in art, gaming, robotics, and more. The way it works is it takes multiple frames from a video, sketches a 3D outline and then refines it for precision. It's a huge step forward and now anyone can turn the real world into the digital one using just smartphone footage.

📺️ Must-Watch Videos

💰️ A Money Idea To Try

Sell AI Travel Guides:

LLMs like GPT-4 are actually pretty good with tourism information for different locations. You can create short travel guides for various cities around the world and then sell them on Amazon. Simply ask ChatGPT to give you 20 ideas of things to do when visiting a certain city. Then, with one prompt at a time, have ChatGPT go into more detail with each of the 20 ideas. Round them all up, publish them in a book, and sell the travel guides on places like Amazon.


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