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This week started off slowly. I thought we were seeing a slowdown in AI news. However, as the week progressed, more and more announcements dropped. Dropbox announced some cool new AI features, Stability AI dropped a new version of Stable Diffusion XL, MidJourney released some new features. Things just really ramped up towards the end of the week.

AI, in general, has cooled off quite a bit in the mainstream media hype cycle but, behind-the-scenes, those of us that are keeping a close watch are seeing innovation after innovation being announced and then released. When the cycle inevitably comes back around to AI, we’ll be the ones that have been here all along that watched it all unfold.

Thanks for tuning into this newsletter, along with 117,000 other people, including industry leaders and the other content creators that are keeping you informed on the space. This has quickly become a trusted resource for people to get their overview of AI for the week and I’m so grateful that you put that trust in me to keep you in the loop!

Now, let’s dig in…

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🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. GPT-Engineer: Remember when AutoGPT was being hyped up as an amazing tool that would constantly continue a task until it was completed? Well, this seems even more useful than that. GPT Engineer allows you to plug in a concept for software or a game, and it will ask you clarifying questions. Once it understands what you're trying to build, it will proceed to build it for you, creating separate files and writing all the code until the project is complete.

2. instaVerse: I've had a lot of fun with this one. You can create a 360-degree world using Blockade Labs' technology. This tool will generate a depth map from that 360-degree image and allow you to place a character in it. The character can then explore and interact within that world. It's one of those tools that seems to bring people one step closer to simply prompting their own games into existence… And, as of right now, it's free to use.

3. Waveformer: Meta recently released MusicGen, a tool that allows you to generate music from text prompts. The Hugging Face Space, which everyone was using for music generation, only allowed for 10-second clips. Well, Waveformer takes it a step further, allowing you to generate 30-second clips. Use this tool, which is available for free, to create unique, never-before-heard instrumental songs.

4. QR Code AI Art Generator: QR codes have been trending across all social media platforms. People have figured out ways to create beautiful images by combining QR codes and ControlNet, and most of the time, these images actually scan. This tool, which is a Hugging Face Space, simplifies the technical aspects of generating those codes. Simply provide it with a URL that you want the code to link to and a text prompt for the image you want to see generated, and it will design a functional QR code for you... For free.

5. Infinigen: This one isn't actually using AI, but it's worth mentioning because of its cool features. It's free and open-source, leveraging the capabilities of Blender (which is also free). This tool can procedurally generate any 3D world you can imagine, creating depth maps and labeling every aspect of the world it generates. With these labels and additional contextual information about the world it's generated, you can adjust every setting down to the smallest detail to sculpt every single element within the world you've created at a granular level.

🗞️ AI News & Articles

  1. Introducing Dropbox Dash, AI-powered universal search, and Dropbox AI - This is exciting because it will allow us to worry less about how we organize our own data. We can simply store all of our files inside of Dropbox and Dropbox will let us use their AI search engine to find the exact information we need from all of the data we have stored. They mention how Google is the search engine for the web. Dropbox wants to become the search engine of all of your own private data. Imagine a ChatGPT that uses all of your own documents, calendars, videos, audios, presentations, and everything else to answer any question that could be answered from that information. That’s what Dropbox appears to be promising.

  2. Celebrities Use AI to Take Control of Their Own Images - Celebrities are beginning to sell the license to their likenesses so that they can be in advertisements without actually having to show up or perform. They simply get scanned into a system and can then be used in ads or movies without needing to actually act. If you've seen the Black Mirror episode "Joan is Awful," this may feel like a familiar (and somewhat dystopian) concept. I believe this could be a slippery slope for actors. How long will it be before AI just generates new celebrities who don't actually exist, so companies don't have to pay actors any fees to license their likenesses? Could we see a future where famous movie stars don't actually exist in the real world? My guess is that it's likely...

  3. ‘Secret Invasion’ Opening Using AI Cost “No Artists’ Jobs,” Says Studio That Made It - Marvel and Disney received some backlash for using AI-generated visuals in the opening credits for “Secret Invasion.” However, the studio that created it wanted viewers to be offput and uneasy by the visuals and the use of AI. In their recent statements to The Hollywood Reporter, they claimed that no artists lost their jobs to AI in the creation of these visuals. If I had to speculate, I'd suggest that the use of AI for the intro was likely part of a larger publicity strategy to spark discussions about the new series and to provoke questions about the use of AI. If that was the goal, it appears to be working.

📺️ Must-Watch Videos

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