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Hey there! And welcome to a Wednesday edition of Future Tools. In case you missed Friday’s newsletter, we’re shifting to a new twice-a-week format that I’m really excited about.

Today, I’ll share a roundup of some killer AI tools and industry job openings. On Friday, I’ll be back with a curation of the week’s most impactful AI news and some personal perspectives. Thanks for being along for the ride as we expand Future Tools! I’m really grateful you’re here. :)


🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. G-Prompter: Getting your prompts right is the linchpin of working with generative AI. G-Prompter is a versatile tool that allows you to create effective and personalized AI-driven prompts to generate images and art.

How it works: G-Prompter lets users train their prompt systems with their own unique examples—so it creates new, specific prompts using prompts you already like as its inspiration. You can also acquire an OpenAI API key for access to preconfigured queries. (Pricing: free)

Sidenote: I liked G-Prompter so much that I actually dedicated an entire video to creating some seriously amazing art with it. Check it out:

2. Stable Audio: Remember that childhood dream of becoming a rock star when you grow up? Well, that dream’s a step closer now. Stable Audio is Stability AI’s new music generation tool that helps you easily create custom-length music simply by describing it.

How it works: Stable Audio is powered by the latest audio diffusion models and is trained on data from leading music library AudioSparx. (Pricing: freemium—free, professional, and enterprise options available)

3. HeyGen Video Translator: HeyGen's Video Translator is a cutting-edge solution for effortless video translation.

How it works: With a single click, HeyGen smoothly converts your videos into the desired language using a natural-sounding voice clone.

Why that’s so cool? HeyGen’s Video TranslateBETA enables you to expand your reach to a global audience through translated videos. This tool, which has handled over 119,271 videos, is a game-changer for making your content accessible across language barriers. (Pricing: paid)

Via HeyGen

4. BuildChatbot: What if you could build your own personalized ChatGPT? BuildChatbot is an intuitive AI chatbot builder that simplifies the process of creating customized chatbots.

How it works: Users can build their very own chatbot (zero coding skills required), auto-train it with personalized content, and deck it out with an engaging UI. The tool accommodates a wide array of file formats, including PDFs, documents, plain text, website URLs, YouTube links, audio, and video. Plus, it conveniently integrates with Slack. (Pricing: paid)

5. NoiseGPT: NoiseGPT is a decentralized AI platform that offers hyper-realistic text-to-speech, human-like dialogue bots and voice cloning from short audio samples.

What makes it different: NoiseGPT prioritizes freedom of speech and avoids biases and censorship. It also integrates with platforms like Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.

And for you crypto-pilled readers: The platform boasts its very own NoiseGPT token to support user value within the ecosystem. (Pricing: free)

🗞️ AI Jobs to Check Out

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