The future is multi-bot chats

Plus: Is Sora coming to Adobe?

Happy Friday! If you’ve opened Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp today, you might’ve noticed something new: Meta AI has officially arrived. Powered by Meta’s highly-anticipated Llama 3—promised to be the most powerful free and open-source model available—the Meta AI chatbot can now be found in the search bar, chats, and feeds of all Meta platforms.

While Zuck claims that Meta AI is possibly the “most intelligent AI assistant that you can freely use,” I want to know what you think. Give it a try, hit reply, and let me know! :)

Poe Launches Multi-Bot Chats


Welcome to a new era of AI interactivity. That's the promise of Quora's latest venture with Poe, which just introduced a revolutionary "multi-bot chat" feature.

Quora, known for its public question-and-answer platform, is diving deep into AI. The company recently secured $75 million in funding to “build the conversational AI ecosystem.” 

Poe’s standout feature? The "multi-bot chat," which lets users juggle multiple AI models in one conversation, just like you’d switch between chats in Slack. Imagine having a GPT-4 data analyst, a Sora-powered videographer, and a Claude creative editor—all ready to jump in at a moment’s notice. 

Poe lets you bring any bot into the chat simply by @-mentioning it—then offers recommendations to help you sift through the various bot responses. In other words: Poe is shaping up to be the one-stop shop for your AI needs. 

The bot economy is here. Quora is creating opportunities for monetization and business use cases. Here’s how:

  1. New revenue model. Poe will allow bot creators to set a per-message price—up to $20 per subscribing user.

  2. Enterprise tier. Poe’s new enterprise tier offers customized solutions tailored to business needs. Quora didn’t release details about this tier just yet, but directed interested users to sign up for its waitlist.

Why it matters: Poe is gearing up to create a seamless user experience that could define the future of generative AI interaction. And if Quora can maintain a reliable network of AI bots, it's set to dominate this brave new digital world. Stay tuned, as the AI conversation is about to get a lot more interesting.

Adobe Revolutionizes AI in Video Editing

Remember when OpenAI's Sora took the internet by storm? That same AI magic could soon power Adobe Premiere Pro.

On Monday, Adobe announced new AI tools for the complex video-editing process (I’d know a thing or two about that). 

Adobe's strategy? Make cutting-edge editing tools more accessible by blending the power of its own AI innovations with third-party tools

  • Third-party tools: Adobe is developing a way to let its users tap third-party tools from OpenAI, Runway, and Pika Labs. The company released a demonstration of Sora being used to generate video within Premiere Pro—but described it as an “experiment.”

  • Firefly tools: Later this year, Adobe will add AI-based features to Premiere Pro powered by its AI model Firefly. These tools will be able to fill a scene with AI-generated objects or remove unwanted items from a scene.

But it goes deeper: By openly sharing how its AI technologies work (and the third-party AI involved), Adobe is setting a new standard in transparency. This ensures every clip edited, transition smoothed, and effect added is part of a larger, responsible tech playbook.

Why it matters: This blend of Adobe's and third-party AI tools promises a future where creativity is limited only by imagination and AI transparency is the rule, not the exception. Watch this space—video editing is only the beginning.

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Create Personalized AI Playlists with Maestro


Hot on the heels of Spotify’s AI playlist announcement, Amazon Music introduced Maestro this Tuesday. It’s an AI-driven playlist generator—think of it as your personal AI DJ.

How it works: Just type or say what you want aloud—like "chill vibes for 📚" or "80s throwback party"—and Maestro curates a playlist with songs that match your input. 

Who has access? Those with Prime Music (or using the ad-supported "free" service) only get a 30-second preview before hitting “save.” But if you’re subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited, you get the full experience right away.

The caveats: Amazon is rolling this out gradually and fine-tuning, acknowledging upfront that they might not get it right immediately. Amazon’s also thrown in some guardrails, like blocking offensive and inappropriate prompt language. 

Why it matters: Following improvements in Alexa's intelligence and the introduction of Rufus, Amazon’s AI-powered shopping assistant, the significance of Maestro extends beyond playlist creation. It signals Amazon's push to weave AI into everyday interactions, enhancing user engagement across its ecosystem.

  • Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot goes electric.

  • A new AI model from tech startup aiOla converts speech to text.

  • Intel unveils the world's largest brain-inspired neuromorphic computer.

  • Microsoft's new Vasa-1 AI animates still photos to talk or sing.

  • Google’s X and Bellwether enhance disaster response with the National Guard

  • Mentee Robotics challenges Boston Dynamics with its latest AI-driven robot.

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