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Welcome back to another weekly dose of awesome futuristic tools that I think you’ll dig!

The space has been moving so quickly that it’s hard for anyone to keep up with everything that’s happening and all of the new advancements.

That’s exactly why I created this newsletter. I want to give you the “TLDR” of the week in Artificial Intelligence. I completely immerse myself, all day, every day, so you don’t have to.

Speaking of TLDR, I don’t want this intro to be too long that you don’t read the rest… So let’s just jump right in!

🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. AskAI: This tool allows you to create your own chatbot based on your own content. Upload your own data and information into it and then you (or anyone else) can ask questions of the bot and get answers based on what you’ve trained it on. It uses OpenAI Embeddings + GPT-3 to provide summary answers to questions. Want to create a bot based on your blog or your business’s knowledgebase? This is the tool to do it!

2. RunDiffusion: I am absolutely obsessed with Stable Diffusion for image generation. MidJourney is great, but Stable Diffusion lets you create the EXACT image you're looking for. However, to run it locally, you need a PC with a solid graphics card. Now, with RunDiffusion, you can do everything you would do with Stable Diffusion, but in the cloud, with amazing GPUs. I have Stable Diffusion locally installed, but I use RunDiffusion now instead because it's faster than running it on my own computer.

3. Locus: You know how you can hit ctrl+f on any website and search that website for specific text? Well this is like that but instead of searching, you’re asking that website questions. Why just look for a single word on a page when you can ask the page to find a section that explains “x.” That’s what Locus does. And they claim they’ll have support PDFs AND videos soon!

4. Perplexity Chrome Extension: I recently did a video where I checked out Perplexity and wasn’t super impressed. Then they released this Chrome extension that allows you to search the web, search a whole domain, or search an individual page using natural language chat… And that changed the game for me. You can know open a site like FutureTools, ask the Perplexity extension what a good YouTube SEO tool is, and it will hunt all of FutureTools and point you to the best options. It’s REALLY good.

5. Landing AI: Now anyone can leverage computer vision. Have you ever seen those cool smartphone apps where you can take a picture of a pile of Legos and it’ll tell you what you can build with the Legos available? That uses computer vision. You can train it on images, tell it what to look for in the images, and then when you feed it future images, it will help you find what it was trained on in those images as well. This technology was once only available to mega corporations and now it’s becoming accessible to anyone. It’s really quite cool!

🗞️ 3 Fascinating News Articles

  1. Amazon’s Cloud Unit Partners With Startup Hugging Face as AI Deals Heat Up - In my opinion, this is really big news. Everyone’s talking about Microsoft and Google when it comes to big tech and AI. However, Amazon has access to more cloud computers than both Microsoft and Google. Combine that with the Hugging Face community of people that are building and open-sourcing a ton of amazing technological advances everyday, and we have a potent combo that could seemingly come out of nowhere and blow everyone’s minds!

  2. What did they know, and when did they know it? The Microsoft Bing edition - So it turns out that Microsoft knew that Bing Chat (aka Sydney) had a tendency to be a little bit of a psycho before releasing it to the public… And they did it anyway. Personally, I think the viral marketing that it created was priceless for them but, alas, Sydney has now been lobotomized and no longer chats in much of a conversational manner. It’s a bit of an overcorrection and I kinda miss crazy Bing but, for PR purposes, it was probably the right move.

  3. The US Copyright Office says you can’t copyright Midjourney AI-generated images - This is the talk of the generative art world right now. A book that used AI to generate images was told that their unique images could not be copyrighted. This is likely not the end of this battle as more and more companies are going to attempt to use AI to generate IP. If Marvel was to use AI to create a new comic book character and then wrote unique stories around the character themselves, the images of the character wouldn’t be copyrightable under the current standing… This sounds crazy to me and I can’t imagine that this battle won’t continue to rage on.

📺️ Must-Watch Videos

💰️ A Money Idea To Try

YouTube Thumbnail Creator:

Every single Thumbnail that I use on my YouTube channel is created with AI. I generate the backgrounds to the thumbnails in MidJourney to get a creative and colorful background. I used Dreambooth to train my likeness into Stable Diffusion so that I can generate images with my face. I use the new ControlNet features in Stable Diffusion to get the exact pose that I’m looking for. I then pull the MidJourney background and the Stable Diffusion-generated “Matt” image into Canva to tie them together and to add text over the top.

It takes me probably 20-30 minutes to create a thumbnail following this process but, damn are they effective! Do you know how many people are willing to pay for someone to just do this process for them? You could charge upwards of $50 per thumbnail and have a solid little business creating a handful of them a day.

Here’s my latest. ;)


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