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Welcome back! This week’s a big one for global AI policy: Today and tomorrow, the UK is hosting the first international AI Safety Summit. The event already sparked controversy about who is (and isn’t) attending, so things are bound to get interesting. I’ll cover any major developments from the summit in Friday’s newsletter, so stay tuned! :)


P.S. Before I share my top tools of the week…Make sure to tune in later today to my YouTube Live: I’ll share exactly how I find the coolest AI tools every week!

🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. ChatGPT’s New Features: OpenAI just dropped a new version of ChatGPT ahead of its highly anticipated developer conference next Monday. Here are the two major upgrades (which are slowly being rolled out in beta to ChatGPT Plus users):

Upgrade 1: Use all of GPT-4’s capabilities in combination. This means you can access DALL-E 3, Web Browsing, and Advanced Data Analysis from ChatGPT’s main interface—no need to switch between modes anymore.

  • An example: You can upload a screenshot, ask ChatGPT to extract and analyze its data, and use DALL-E 3 to visualize the data in a chart.

Upgrade 2: Upload and chat with PDF documents. This feature allows you to ask ChatGPT about the contents of PDFs or use them as part of a prompt, run quantitative and qualitative analyses on their contents, and turn those data analyses into charts.

Takeaway: We’re one step closer to the all-in-one AI assistant we’ve been waiting for—and these new updates are bound to render many ChatGPT plugins (like those that enabled PDF integration) obsolete.

2. Kansei: Learning a new language is tricky—especially when you don’t have a  practice buddy. Kansei solves that problem by immersing you in conversations with lifelike AI personas.

How it works: Kansei’s AI chat tool makes learning languages fun with engaging stories, roleplaying, and personalized feedback. Interacting with the app’s AI personas allows users to get a feel for cultural contexts, nuances, and colloquialisms in a way that most standard language-learning apps don’t.

Kansei currently supports English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and French. (Pricing: free)

3. Penseum: Skip the tedious work of writing flashcards and jump straight into exam prep with this AI-powered study helper.

How it works: Penseum instantly transforms your notes, PDF’s, videos, and presentation slides into custom study guides, flashcards, and study questions. It also creates  personalized study roadmaps that break down your study material into digestible chunks. 

Get chatting: Still confused about that one calculus problem? Penseum’s AI tutor is there to answer your questions 24/7—even at 3am when your professor is busy catching z’s. (Pricing: free)


4. SparkReceipt: Staying on top of your expenses isn’t exactly fun—but at least SparkReceipt makes it easy. 

How it works: SparkReceipt is a receipt scanner, document manager, and expense tracker all in one. It scans all types of financial documents (like bank statements, receipts, and invoices) and extracts important data from them so you don’t have to manually track information on merchant details, dates, totals, or taxes. SparkReceipt’s AI will also track and categorize your income and expenses automatically. (Pricing: freemium)

5. Snapvid: This tool makes it easy to create viral video content for TikTok or Instagram—even if you’re short on time (or editing skills).

How it works: Snapvid turns videos of any length into short clips in a matter of seconds. You can also design and edit clips to your liking—features include animated emojis, customizable subtitles, background music, supplemental video footage, and a silence remover to keep things interesting. The platform currently supports 16 languages.

Bonus: If you need tips for growing your social media and creating viral content, you can join Snapvid’s Discord community to get advice from experienced creators. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)


Bonus Tool: transforms your spoken discussions into easily accessible written notes, allowing you to effortlessly revisit essential information and action items. Plus, Vocol can translate your meetings into more than 25 languages.*

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🗞️ AI Jobs to Check Out

  • NVIDIA is hiring an AI Applications Architect to lead the development of AI innovations in its Sales Operations team.

  • Know your Python? Join space and defense tech provider Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) as a Data Science Intern.

  • Adobe is looking for a Computer Scientist to help train and develop LLMs and other cutting-edge machine-learning models. 

And that’s a wrap! I’ll be back in your inbox on Friday with a fresh roundup of this week’s biggest AI stories. Catch you then!

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