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Welcome back! Another week, another AI video breakthrough. Google just dropped Lumiere, a cutting-edge video generation model that creates some seriously stunning (and realistic!) visuals. Lumiere can convert still images into five-second clips, generate videos in specific styles, and create cinemagraphs (i.e. GIFs) by animating specific regions of an image. Lumiere’s not publicly available yet, but I can’t wait to play around with it when it goes live. Stay tuned. :) 

3DAiLY turns 2D images into 3D characters and assets


How it works: 3DAiLY streamlines the design process of virtual characters and objects for game creators, marketers, and metaverse creators. Using patent-pending generative AI technology, 3DAiLY creates ready-to-use 3D models from 2D image inputs. It also offers a store of premade 3D assets you can use for your own projects—or you can just let 3DAiLY’s in-house designers create custom-made models for you.  

Bonus: 3DAiLY supports the creation of 3D-printable models—so you can turn your digital models into physical ones. (Pricing: paid)

Keepi lets you chat with your content via WhatsApp

How it works: Always finding cool YouTube videos, articles, images, or documents that you want to remember? Simply share the link or file with Keepi, a chatbot that you can talk to via a WhatsApp text. Keepi stores, organizes and extracts information from the content you feed it—so it can answer any question about your favorite content.

More than text: If you’ve got a sudden idea you want to return to, you can share it with Keepi like you would a friend: It can record and upload voice memos in over 20 languages. It can also generate images from text prompts. (Pricing: free)

Generate strategic marketing copy with ease

Strategic, high-quality marketing content is the catalyst to get more leads, more sales, and faster growth for just about any business.

With so many AI tools, how do you get a structure that is simple, reliable, and gives you the result you want every single time?

Enter DashNex AI: AI designed for marketers and digital entrepreneurs. With DashNex AI, you can:

  • Generate a sophisticated AI model that builds out a website based on your needs

  • Avoid coding by letting DashNex AI handle the heavy backend lifting

  • Join 2.6M+ users who use DashNex AI to power their products

Future Tools readers get early access to the tool and 500 AI credits by registering for FREE here. Credits will be added to your account upon registration. Get started by clicking the button below.

Momen is your new GPT-based, no-code AI app builder


How it works: Momen helps you create custom AI-powered assistants for your business without writing a single line of code. Whether you’re creating a customer service bot or an interactive knowledge database, the tool offers app templates and drag-and-drop functionalities that make designing your app’s frontend super easy. Its suite of AI tools (like GPT-based responses and data interpretation) handle the technicalities of building your app. 

Bonus: Momen comes with helpful SEO controls that ensure that your app ranks well in search results. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

ChatDox sifts through long docs and videos for you

How it works: ChatDox analyzes documents, YouTube videos, and websites to summarize and answer specific questions about their content. Simply upload a link or import any document (PDF, DOC, TXT, and CSV files all work) and ask away. You can receive answers in different languages and create custom prompts tailored to your specific role (like student, researcher, or lawyer). 

Advanced document analysis: ChatDox doesn’t have a limit on how many documents you can question simultaneously, allowing you to extract insights from multiple files at once. (Pricing: freemium)

Athina AI ensures AI apps are accurate and reliable

If you’re running an app or platform that uses LLMs, it’s crucial that the LLM’s output is error-free. That’s where Athina AI comes in.

How it works: Athina AI evaluates the output of the LLM you’re running to detect hallucinations, errors, and other bad output. Once mistakes are identified, it helps you debug your LLM outputs by tracing back through the queries and prompts that led to the error. Athina AI also tracks critical LLM metrics like token usage, costs, and response time. Paired with real-time insights on the AI’s performance and user interaction, this allows you to optimize your app’s costs and improve its user experience. (Pricing: freemium)

And that’s a wrap! Do you think Lumiere is Google’s shot to establish itself as a leader in AI video? Shoot me a reply with your thoughts. See you back here on Friday!

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