How to build full-stack apps with AI

Plus: An AI love poem

Welcome back! Happy Valentine’s Day! I asked ChatGPT to write a short AI-themed love poem to kick off the newsletter. The result: 

Roses are red, violets are blue, 
In lines of code, my love for you grew.
In this vast universe of zeros and ones,
It's our human connection that truly runs.

How’s that for some romance? :)

Flipner transforms your notes into polished texts


How it works: Flipner stores and organizes your scattered text notes, voice notes, and external audio files into one content hub—and then transforms them. The tool seamlessly integrates your thoughts with generative text to create high-quality drafts and ready-to-use texts.

Make it yours: Flipner allows you to tailor the style and voice of your notes and final texts to your individual preferences. You can choose from 10+ writing styles (ranging from business to technical or journalistic), edit and rewrite your texts as needed, and translate your content into 50+ languages. (Pricing: freemium)

Lazy AI builds full-stack applications from simple text prompts

How it works: Lazy AI lets you build apps by describing their functionality in plain English—no coding required. For example, you can prompt it to “create a Discord bot that posts on X directly from my Discord server.” Behind the scenes, Lazy AI translates your ideas into functional software code. Once your app is ready, you can deploy it with a single click. 

Use cases: Lazy AI can create various types of web apps, AI automations, and chatbots. Popular use cases include Slack integrations, webhooks for Shopify, Discord bots, and AI slideshow generators that generate images tailored to your presentation content. (Pricing: freemium)

What will you do with 8 extra hours every week?

Meet Xena by Xembly, your company’s new AI executive assistant that saves you 400 hours a year. Here’s what Xena can do:

  • Schedule meetings, navigate conflicts, and create agendas.

  • Capture meeting notes and action items for you.

  • Keep track of deliverables and find time for them on your calendar.

Just ask Xena to schedule, reschedule, take notes, or block time for a task. Everything else happens automatically. Boost your team’s productivity with Xembly today (free for a limited time only).

Sign up for your 30-day free trial here.

AICUT creates engaging short-form videos from text


AICUT turns written text into short-form video content ideal for social media. You can repurpose existing text content (like blog posts or tweets) or use entirely new text prompts to generate narrated videos. 

How it works: Simply type in your video script, choose your font and voiceover settings (narrator language, tone, and emotion) and AICUT will generate corresponding images and output a ready-to-post video. The whole process only takes five minutes. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

Trademark Owl helps you register trademarks

How it works: Trademark Owl leverages AI to guide you through the entire trademark registration process. You’ll start by answering basic questions about your brand and product. The tool will offer suggestions for your trademark and identify potential conflicts with existing trademarks. Next, a licensed professional will handle the filing of your application and act as the attorney of record for your trademark.

No surprises: Trademark Owl is super transparent when it comes to pricing: You’ll see your total costs upfront, including the required fees by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The entire process is also 100% self-serviced, so you don’t have to spend extra time (and money) consulting with a lawyer. (Pricing: paid) provides free personalized legal guidance

How it works: Describe your legal situation to and share your location. Within seconds, the chatbot will share succinct legal advice. Though there aren’t lawyers behind this tool, it synthesizes information from thousands of legal sources and applies current laws to your precise situation—giving you a head start before consulting a lawyer. 

Security: Legal problems are sensitive stuff. keeps the details of your legal questions confidential by prioritizing data privacy and security. (Pricing: free)

  • TikTok is looking for a Research Scientist to explore new products with generative AI.

  • Scale AI is hiring a Sales Director to drive revenue growth across its generative AI products. 

  • Apple is offering both applied and research-focused internships in AI and machine learning. 

And that’s a wrap!  Stay tuned for Friday’s newsletter to catch up on all the important AI headlines of the week. See ya then!

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P.S. This newsletter is 100% written by a human. Okay, maybe 96%.