How to build apps without coding

The AI tools changing the game this week

Welcome back! The strange world of AI just got a bit weirder: Turns out ChatGPT might love money as much as humans do. A programmer known as Thebes on X found that when you offer ChatGPT an imaginary tip, it performs significantly better. In Thebes’ experiment, she offered the chatbot no tip, $20, and $200 for a perfect response to her prompt…$200 produced the most detailed results. 

Today I’ve got 5 new AI tools that I think you’ll love. Let’s dive in.

Magnific is your new go-to for upscaling images


How it works: Magnific is an AI-powered image upscaler that creates a high-resolution version of any image. The tool also enhances images and illustrations by adding details (called hallucinations) using generative AI. Hallucinations can totally reimagine an existing image by adding entirely new objects, or just lightly touch-up existing features (like adding more reflections to a water surface). 

You can easily control the level of hallucinations added to your images via text prompts and Magnific’s “Creativity” slider. (Pricing: paid)

Run generative AI models locally with Sanctum AI

How it works: Sanctum AI lets you download and run full-featured open-source LLMs on your MacOS devices (with Windows and Linux support coming soon). It maintains complete privacy through on-device encryption and processing, making sure that your data never leaves your Mac. 

Bonus: With Sanctum’s AI Matching Engine feature, you don’t have to commit to one particular AI model. Instead, you can easily switch between different open-source models to find the perfect fit for your needs. (Pricing: free)

Alta helps you build apps without coding

How it works: Alta is a simple, no-code tool to create chatbots, websites, and mobile apps. Design new apps with stunning AI-generated templates, pull data from external sources (like Google Docs, Excel, Airtable, or CSV files), and customize your branding with various logos, colors, and fonts. Other features include tracking your app’s performance with real-time insights, personalized AI recommendations, and built-in payment functionality. 

Bonus: Atla also integrates smoothly with popular platforms like Github, Webex, and Slack to enable team collaboration on app projects. (Pricing: freemium)

Missed a crucial detail in your last meeting? is here to help. seamlessly transforms your spoken meetings into easy-to-read notes. With, you can:

  • Instantly access meeting summaries, highlighting essential information and action items.

  • Translate your meetings into over 25 languages.

  • Convert discussions into actionable tasks by mentioning your team members.

  • Save time by streamlining the collaboration process.

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Qonqur lets you control your screen with your hands


What if you could change presentation slides by swiping the air, or browse through files with a wave of a hand? Using gesture-control is a fun way to make presentations more engaging, interactively visualize content, or navigate files on your computer.

How it works: Qonqur enables you to control any large screen with just hand gestures—no VR glasses required. The app recognizes hand movements through a webcam and translates them into device commands. All you need to do is connect Qonqur to a webcam (from your laptop, phone, or an external USB webcam) and hook it up to a TV (or any other big projector screen). (Pricing: freemium)

Draft personalized emails at scale with EverMail

We can all agree: generic, cold emails never work. But tailoring emails to every individual customer is basically impossible to scale. That’s where EverMail comes in.

How it works: EverMail creates highly personalized emails with the goal of increasing customer engagement and conversion rates. First, it scouts email recipients’ web presence (e.g. LinkedIn profiles and company websites) to gather relevant public information. Then, EverMail leverages AI to generate context-aware email content based on your prompt (like “Explain how our service can help their career” or “wrap up the email on a personal note”). (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

And that’s a wrap! I’ll be back on Friday with a fresh roundup of the week’s biggest AI headlines, so stay tuned. See you soon!

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