Battle of the AI assistants

The AI tools changing the game this week

Welcome back! The AI world has a big birthday coming up this week. Tomorrow, ChatGPT is celebrating its one-year anniversary. Personally, I can’t believe it’s been just 12 months since chatbots took the world by storm. I’m curious: What’s the biggest thing ChatGPT has changed for you?

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Copilot streamlines Microsoft 365


After launching on Windows 11 in November, Microsoft’s AI assistant Copilot is now available to test on Windows 10.

How it works: Copilot integrates with Microsoft 365 apps to: summarize documents and generate text in Word, draft and summarize emails in Outlook,  create PivotTables in Excel, and so much more. The bot can even attend meetings in Microsoft Teams on your behalf, record them, and generate meeting transcripts with action items. 

In Windows 10, you can access the chatbot via the button on the right side of your taskbar. (Pricing: paid)

Duet AI is your new Google Workspace buddy

Duet AI is an add-on for Google Workplace Enterprise—AKA Google’s version of Microsoft’s Copilot.

How it works: Duet AI integrates with your Google Workplace to perform tasks across its apps. Duet can draft, proofread, and edit documents and emails in Docs and Gmail; create custom images for Google Slides presentations; organize spreadsheet content in Google Sheets; and upgrade Google Meet with custom backgrounds, video quality fixes, meeting captions generated and translated in real-time. (Pricing: paid)

Simplescraper turns websites into GPT training data

How it works: Simplescraper is a Chrome extension that converts website content into JSON and CSV files (AKA data files that can be used as training data). Once you’ve downloaded the files, you can upload them to train your custom GPT.

Bonus: Simplescraper also provides a number of options for using the data you scraped—like saving it directly to Google Sheets, Zapier, Airtable, and more. (Pricing: freemium)

The demand for 3D content is exploding across industries like gaming, animation, simulation, and 3D printing. But the 3D production pipeline is time- and labor-intensive, with traditional 3D workflows often taking days or weeks to produce assets.

CSM solves this with an AI tool that lets anyone generate game-engine ready 3D models from text, image, and video prompts—in mere minutes. CSM assets can easily be re-textured, animated, and further customized. Say goodbye to navigating complex 3D modeling software.

New users can try this out with one month free on the Maker Plan.

VIZ-X optimizes your landing pages

How it works: Enter your website’s URL and VIZ-X will perform a visual analysis of your website’s content—assessing its usability, design, and overall user experience. You’ll get a comprehensive report with actionable tips to improve the your website design, aimed at increasing user engagement and conversion rates—AKA boosting your profit potential. (Pricing: freemium)

Trace helps you design beautiful app interfaces


How it works: Trace translates your design ideas into Swift UI code—with minimal coding experience required. Simply describe the feature you want in your app (e.g. “chat interface including a text input field, a send button, and a scrolling view for displaying messages”) and Trace will generate the corresponding code. 

You can preview the generated app components directly in your browser or run and test the app on your phone. (Pricing: paid—offers a free trial)

  • Apple is hiring an AI/ML Wireless Systems Engineer to support its R&D group in crafting next-generation wireless tech. 

  • Lead the design of innovative data architecture solutions as a Data Modeler at consulting fim Booz Allen Hamilton. 

  • Verizon is looking for an AI Product Manager to shape the future of telecommunications by developing and executing an effective AI product strategy. 

And there you have it! The newsletter’s back to a normal schedule after Thanksgiving week, which means I’ll be back on Friday covering the week’s biggest AI headlines. Catch you then!

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