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We’re starting to see momentum pick back up in the AI world this week. There was an especially large amount of news in the world of AI art generation. MidJourney got a sweet inpainting feature, Ideogram launched with a model that effectively does text in images, Leonardo dropped a new image model, and Scenario game asset generation is now available directly inside of Unity.

We also saw great progress in AI audio with a new release from ElevenLabs and Meta launching Seamless M4T, a model to translate audio into any language almost instantly.

The overall hype around AI among the mainstream public hasn’t really picked up again like it was in spring, but as schools get deeper into the school year, I think the topic is going to resurface. I also believe advancements in healthcare and the ongoing strike in Hollywood will bring AI conversations back into the mainstream, for better or worse.

Those of us staying current are seeing really cool stuff that’s still under the radar for most people. So let’s dive in!

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🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. Ideogram: This is a new image generation model from some of the world’s leading AI experts. This new model generates amazing images and is actually capable of generating legible text within your AI images. It’s been automatically opened to the first 1,000 that join and then it goes to a waitlist. However, they say they’ll be working quickly to let people in from the waitlist.

2. Seamless M4T: Meta has unveiled Seamless M4T, a new AI translation model that can near-instantly translate spoken or written text between supported languages. For example, users can speak in English and have the audio translated and read aloud in Japanese, Spanish, or other languages in almost real-time, enabling seamless communication across languages.
(Open Source)

3. Flythroughs by Luma Labs: Flythroughs is an app that leverages generative AI to create professional-looking cinematic flythrough videos of interior spaces using only a smartphone camera, elevating real estate listings by providing potential buyers with an immersive visualization experience without the need for professional filming equipment or expertise.

4. Storia Textify: You know how most image generators create gibberish for text? This is an AI tool to fix that. Upload your image that has weird text, type what it was supposed to say, and watch as this tool actually fixes and replaces the text in the image.

5. TabHub: TabHub is a browser productivity tool that helps manage tabs and track browsing time, providing insights powered by AI to reduce clutter and browsing ineffectiveness. Key features include tab organization, session management, time tracking, collaboration through shared workspaces, and smart tab grouping using AI.
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🗞️ AI News & Articles

  1. MidJourney Adds Inpainting Feature - MidJourney's new Vary (Region) feature allows users to edit elements within an image, opening up new creative possibilities. This inpainting tool lets you transform parts of a composition just by selecting an area and entering text prompts. It makes easy work of removing unsightly objects or changing backgrounds. While it has limitations, Vary (Region) is a major upgrade that brings MidJourney closer to feature parity with competitors like Stable Diffusion. For artists and creators looking for more control over their AI-generated art, MidJourney's inpainting capability is an exciting new option worth exploring.

  2. Nvidia Q2 2024: $6 billion in pure profit over the AI boom - Nvidia recently reported record quarterly revenue of $13.5 billion, up significantly from last year, with a whopping $6 billion in profit. This massive growth is attributed to booming demand for Nvidia's AI chips used in data centers. As AI continues to be integrated into everything, Nvidia is poised to see sustained growth, even as the PC market shrinks. This earnings report shows that, hype aside, investment and development in AI technology remains strong. Nvidia's results prove the AI sector is still rapidly expanding, bringing economic opportunities and transformative potential across industries.

  3. Introducing Code Llama, a state-of-the-art large language model for coding - Meta has released Code Llama, a large language model specialized for generating code that outperforms other publicly available models on coding benchmarks. Code Llama is built on top of Meta's Llama 2 model and is available in three sizes for different use cases. The models can generate code and natural language from prompts in popular programming languages. Code Llama has the potential to make developers more productive by assisting with tasks like code completion and documentation. Meta believes an open approach is best for developing safe and innovative AI tools. They have released Code Llama models and training code openly and provided guidance on responsible use. This release is important because specialized AI models like Code Llama could transform how software developers work by automating repetitive tasks so they can focus on more high-level work.

Other News:

📺️ Must-Watch Videos

📢 Announcements

  • Featured on Social Media Examiner: I was recently interviewed by Michael Stelzner on the Social Media Examiner podcast. I’ve followed SME for years as someone who’s background before YouTube was in digital marketing. Being featured on this show was a “full circle” moment for me.

  • Hosting Nvidia Speech AI Day: On September 20th, I’ll be hosting a panel of AI experts and engineers for Nvidia’s Speech AI day. We’ll be discussing that past, present, and future of AI. It should be a fun (and free) event. Check out details here.

  • Awesome Contests In The Discord: If you’re not in the Discord community yet, now is a great time to join! We’re hosting back-to-back-back contests for community members to generate AI art and win cool prizes. Jump into the community for free here.

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