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Welcome back to another TLDR on the week in AI! A huge thank you to nearly 90,000 of you who stay in the loop with future tech through this newsletter every week. The growth of the site, newsletter, and YouTube channel has been absolutely astounding, and I'm truly grateful!

This week brought a few AI announcements, but compared to previous weeks, it was relatively quiet. There's a new AI image model that can accurately process text, musicians are embracing the use of their music in creative ways, and Apple is steadily making its presence known in the AI space. Despite this, it feels like we got to take a breather this week. It's almost as if it's the calm before the storm. With summer fast approaching and major AI and tech conferences on the horizon, I anticipate weeks filled with explosive new tech and advancements.

So let's enjoy the calm while it lasts, as there's likely some massive news just around the corner.

Now, let's dive into this week's breakdown...

Thank You To This Week’s Sponsor!

Plask was developed to empower artists, marketers, and game developers with an AI-driven image-generation tool using Stable Diffusion. Our goal is to simplify the creative process and help you generate eye-catching content and character designs efficiently while unleashing your full creative potential with unparalleled control over AI-generated images.

Plask offers:

  • Cloud-based image generation: Craft custom images with just a few prompts.

  • Browser-based 3D pose/camera editing: Fine-tune dummy character poses and camera perspectives for optimal framing.

  • Customizable styles: Select from an extensive range of preset artistic styles to match your vision.

  • Unrivaled controllability: Effortlessly adjust AI-generated images to bring your creative ideas to life.

Experience the benefits of Plask:

  • User-friendly interface for artists and non-artists alike.

  • A community platform for discovering and sharing generative art. Import parameters and poses into your workspace with just one click!

🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. Musicfy: You've probably seen the viral videos or heard the AI-generated songs featuring the voices of famous musicians like Drake, The Weeknd, Kanye, and Jay-Z. Creating these songs can be a bit complex, but Musicfy is a tool that makes the process much simpler. The legalities surrounding the use of artists' voices will likely be ironed out in the coming months. For now, though, tools like Musicfy provide an easy way to create new music with some of your favorite artists.
(Paid But You Start With Free Credits)

2. Vercel AI Playground: With the Vercel AI Playground, you can input a prompt, pick from 18 different large language models, and compare two side by side. Curious about how GPT-3.5 stacks up against Alpaca 7B? Just enter a prompt and put the two models to the test.

3. PDFGPT: PDFGPT has become my new favorite companion for reading AI research papers. Just upload the AI research PDF, and you can ask questions about the paper. It'll answer your questions and even suggest ones to ask for a better understanding. For a quick and simple explanation, try asking it to break down a complex research paper as if you were a 5-year-old – it'll help you grasp what the research aims to achieve.
(Free But Requires OpenAI API Key)

4. Ogimi: This tool is truly fantastic. It crafts personalized meditations for you based on your unique needs. I've personally used it to create meditations to help me brush off trolls and negative comments on YouTube and social media (true story). Just let it know what you need assistance with, and it'll whip up a custom-tailored guided meditation to help you tackle whatever you're struggling with. It's seriously powerful stuff.
(Freemium - Free & Paid Plans)

5. Reflectr: Reflectr is a personal, AI-powered notebook app designed to enhance focus and productivity by decluttering your mind. Users can express thoughts and ideas privately, away from social media pressures, while benefiting from AI-generated insights for reflection and growth. The app ensures 100% privacy by storing data on-device, making it an ideal tool for self-improvement and unlocking the power of your mind.
(Freemium - Free & Paid Plans)

🗞️ 3 Fascinating Articles / News

  1. Artist, Grimes, Offers To Split 50% of Royalties With Any AI Creator That Uses Her Voice - This isn't an article – it's actually a tweet from Grimes, the musician. Amidst the controversy surrounding AI music and labels demanding the removal of such content from various platforms, Grimes is taking a different approach. She's encouraging people to freely use her voice in their songs and, if something becomes a hit, she'll split the royalties with them. This way, she can potentially earn royalties without any extra work, and creators can use her voice without risking legal consequences. Could this be the future of the music industry? Will we see on-demand new songs featuring our favorite artists? Or will the music industry fight tooth and nail to prevent this from happening?

  2. Apple is reportedly building a paid AI health coach - Apple has been relatively low-key in the AI space, being one of the few major tech companies that haven't fully hopped on the hype train just yet. However, it seems they're planning to introduce a paid health coach feature for Apple devices soon, combining data from an Apple Watch and a large language model to provide personalized health suggestions. I've got a strong feeling that this is just a warm-up for the AI-related news we can expect to hear from Apple in the future.

  3. Stability AI releases DeepFloyd IF - Stability AI and Deepfloyd just dropped a new image-generation model that could finally give the likes of MidJourney a run for their money. This model can create ultra-realistic images and, unlike other existing models, accurately generate readable text within its images. It utilizes a different type of diffusion model compared to what we've seen in tools like MidJourney and Stable Diffusion, producing impressive results. Currently, the images can't be used for commercial purposes, but the article does mention plans to open-source it in the future and allow image generation for commercial use.

📺️ Must-Watch Videos

💰️ A Money Idea To Try

Create and Sell Niche Recipe Books:

You can harness ChatGPT to whip up recipes for niche needs. For instance, ask it to cook up 20 diabetic-friendly sweet treats or 20 mouth-watering gluten-free pasta dishes. While standard recipes are easy to find, discovering amazing ones tailored to specific dietary requirements can be tricky. ChatGPT can help you brainstorm loads of unique recipes that you won't likely find online, possibly even inventing a few new ones.

Gather as many of these recipes as you can into a book, and sell it as both an ebook and a physical printed book using Amazon's KDP platform. You can even get ChatGPT to craft a catchy title and sales pitch for promoting the book on Amazon. Branch out into other niche dietary needs and build yourself a mini cookbook empire.


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