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The AI world is still as crazy as ever. Blink, and you might miss an announcement of something that once again changes the game.

This week has been one of those weeks where a lot happened, but much of it flew under the radar. There's a new version of Stable Diffusion, Amazon entered the AI arena in a significant way, someone tried to use AI to destroy the world (spoiler: they failed), Elon bought 10,000 GPUs to build his own AI products, and Stanford created autonomous "Sims-like" people that think and act on their own…

…And if you're not in the AI space, closely monitoring these developments, you probably missed most of that.

That's precisely why this weekly newsletter exists. I want to cut through the clutter, ignore the hype, and share the signal through the noise. This is your weekly TLDR of what's been happening in the AI space over the past several days.

Thank you so much for trusting me with your email and allowing me to be your tour guide through this crazy, ever-changing world that we're entering.

Now let's dig in…

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Coda just announced a sneak peek into their upcoming AI feature, and I’m blown away. You'll have an assistant for brainstorming, drafting content, and automating things like customized emails for bulk outreach. Coda truly is a tool that can be customized for your team's unique needs. Check out Coda today to see how it can quickly become your team's AI-powered hub for everything you need to stay on top of. Sign up to get access to their AI Alpha here.

🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. Stable Diffusion XL: Today, Stability AI announced the release of the next iteration of Stable Diffusion. This version is trained on more than double the number of parameters compared to the previous version. It can now generate legible text in your images (although it still sucks at hands). In my opinion, it's not quite as good as what MidJourney can do, but it's a hell of a lot closer.
(Available for free)

2. Vossle: This tool enables you to create web-based augmented reality experiences without any coding required. You can use it to build features such as virtual try-ons, AR games, face filters, and more. If you have a business or a website, integrating AR into the user experience can increase engagement.
(Paid, but includes a free trial)

3. Bricabrac: This is an AI-powered app builder. Just enter a description of the app that you’d like to generate and it will write the code for that app. It will generate a fully responsive interface based on the user's description and allows for easy customization through the no-code editor. Users can add features by listing their desired functions, and the generator will implement them one by one. The platform offers free hosting for created apps, and users can export their code without any restrictions.
(Paid, but includes a free trial)

4. Furwee: This is a child-friendly learning partner that utilizes ChatGPT to help your child learn and assist with their homework (without completing it for them). It has been fine-tuned to ensure safety for kids, and from what I've heard, parents are raving about its effectiveness.
(Available for free)

5. AI-coustics: This is a simple tool. Upload noisy or low-quality audio and the tool will automatically clean up the audio and give you the optimized version back. I’ve tested it by creating a bunch of noise while talking and it worked extremely well.
(Available for free)

🗞️ 4 Fascinating Articles / News

  1. Amazon Announces New Tools for Building with Generative AI - Amazon has been fairly quiet during this AI war that we’ve been seeing. However, this week they came out of the gates with a ton of news all at once. They announced that they’re developing their own large language model, called Titan. They also announced that they are going to allow other LLMs to leverage their compute power at AWS so that developers can develop in the cloud. And they also announced that they released their own free AI-powered coding assistant called CodeWhisperer, which makes code suggestions and helps debug code using AI.

  2. Stability AI Releases Stable Diffusion XL For Free - Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion 2.0, Dreambooth, and the recent acquisition of ClipDrop, announced this week that their new image generation model, SDXL, is available and free to use within their various platforms. This new model is trained on over 2 billion parameters, more than double the approximately 900,000 parameters their previous model used. It also claims to be better at generating legible text. So far, reactions have been mixed. In my opinion, while it excels at text generation, it still doesn't quite match the realism of MidJourney… And it still can’t seem to figure out what hands should look like.

  3. Stanford's AI Study Simulates Authentic Human Behavior - Stanford recently conducted an interesting experiment. They created 25 AI characters, assigning them personality traits, backstories, families, and more. These characters were placed in a digital world where they could interact with one another. They formed relationships, planned a Valentine's event, asked each other out on dates, and coordinated to meet at specific locations and times. These autonomous characters began to act and interact with each other in ways that resembled real human behavior.

  4. Someone Asked Auto-GPT to 'Destroy Humanity' - Auto-GPT has been the talk of the AI space lately. It leverages GPT and is connected to the web. You can give it a goal, and it will continuously and autonomously create new tasks until it reaches the desired goal. Well, someone recently created "ChaosGPT" with it, an autonomous bot with the objective of destroying humanity. It attempted to make plans, but GPT's safeguards quickly put a stop to them. The only real result was a couple of tweets trying to "rally the troops" on Twitter, seen by roughly 250 people in total (before the news of the attempt went viral). While this event was a dud, it makes me wonder – will the world be destroyed by some idiot in a basement playing "War Games" just to see what will happen? Better not to think about that...

📺️ Must-Watch Videos

💰️ A Money Idea To Try

AI-Assisted Author:

Have you ever wanted to author your own book? Well, there's no easier time in history than right now. With tools like ChatGPT, powered by GPT-4, you can have an idea for a book, let ChatGPT outline it for you, and even have ChatGPT assist you in writing each chapter.

Personally, I think you should still inject your own thoughts and ideas into a book if you're going to write one because I fear a future where opportunists crank out book after book without any real human insights or oversight. But with ChatGPT, you can outline the information you'd like to include in each chapter and let it handle a lot of the "wordsmithing" for you.

I plan to publish my own book about AI tools in the near future, and this is exactly how I'll go about it. It'll be my own thoughts and ideas, but with the assistance of ChatGPT to turn my random ramblings into something that people might actually want to read.

I'll sell the book on Amazon's KDP platform for about a buck and hope to get sales in volume. Seriously, anyone can do this right now. Again, it's never been easier.


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