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The AI tools changing the game this week

Welcome back! For the past few weeks, the AI world has been buzzing in anticipation of OpenAI’s Developer Day. And this Monday…it finally happened. Spoiler alert: OpenAI didn’t disappoint. Rest assured, I covered all the important details in my latest video—and will be covering even more in this Friday’s Future Tools!

While OpenAI has been stealing the spotlight, there’s been a ton of development going on behind the scenes. Here are five new AI tools you should check out.

🛠️ 5 Amazing Future Tools

1. Pinokio: Installing and running complex applications on your computer can be a real pain—especially writing scripts and entering commands in your terminal. The Pinokio browser condenses the process to just one click.

How it works: Pinokio brings the simplicity of a web browser to terminal applications, allowing users to effortlessly install, run, and control any type of application—from AI servers to decentralized applications like Bitcoin. By packaging complicated installation settings into a simple JSON script, Pinokio can streamline workflows in your terminal.

Sharing is caring: Pinokio boasts a diverse script library shared by its community. Available scripts range different domains, from voice cloning to content generation. (Pricing: free)

I liked Pinokio so much that I made a video about all the cool stuff it can do:

2. Genie: I covered the rapid innovation in AI-powered 3D content generation in last Friday’s newsletter, and this tool serves as a great example. Luma AI, a startup that specializes in bringing AI to 3D content, just released a new Discord-native bot for text-to-3D generation.

How it works: Genie generates four 3D models within just 20 seconds of entering your prompt. You can refine these initial models using a wide range of controls to customize their styles, materials, and textures.

Genie is only available on Discord right now, where you can collaborate and communicate with other users.(Pricing: free)

3. RivalFlowAI: Whether you’re an SEO pro or a total newbie, this tool will help you easily outperform your competitor’s search engine results—no Google Analytics or Search Console access required.

How it works: RivalFlowAI analyzes your website content, identifies areas for SEO improvement, and makes suggestions to boost your web page rankings. It also provides AI-written copy that fits seamlessly into your existing content to close potential content gaps.

RivalFlowAI integrates smoothly with most popular writing programs—including Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Notion, and WordPress. (Pricing: freemium)


4. StockMusic: This tool makes generating your own music easy—and free of legal concerns.

How it works: StockMusic is a platform for AI-generated tunes that allows you to generate up to 10 minutes of copyright-free music. It offers lots of different genres, but the platform doesn’t only work for songs; StockMusic also lets you create podcast intros or poetry readings.

New users receive StockMusic credits upon signing up, so you can generate 120 seconds of music for free right away. (Pricing: freemium)

5. Penny AI: One of my favorite things about AI? It makes luxury services accessible to anybody—and Penny AI is a great example. Now, anyone can have their very own shopping assistant. 

How it works: Penny AI is a Chrome extension that acts as your personal shopping advisor, finding the best deals for you by comparing prices and offers across stores. Its smart comparison feature also lets you compare similar products, complete with a list of pros and cons.

Time-saver: Penny AI acts as  24/7 customer service. In a chat, you can ask anything about a product (potentially saving you hours of queuing in hotlines).


Bonus Tool: Get more from X (Twitter) with Tweet Hunter. Tweet Hunter is the all-in-one, AI-powered tool for X (Twitter). Grow your audience with AI-powered content, automations, advanced scheduling and engagement features. Join 6000+ creators and start using it for free.*

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You have the ability to build the next big thing in AI.

And now is the perfect time to build.

In the past year, AI development has moved up the stack: The foundational infrastructure has been set, and now applications can be built on top of it.

In the latest Future Tools article, we break down the current state of AI development—and share AIIA’s all-in-one guide on everything you need to know to start building today.

🗞️ AI Jobs to Check Out

And there you have it! Don’t forget to tune in on Friday to catch up on what new AI plans OpenAI’s got brewing. See ya!

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