AI for academic writing

The AI tools changing the game

Welcome back! The week kicked off with a surprise from Open AI: You no longer need a ChatGPT Plus subscription to try the world’s most advanced AI Model. GPT-4 Turbo rolled out to Microsoft Copilot—and it’s free! To access it, just go to Copilot and start prompting. Let me know what you think! 

SciPub+ simplifies academic writing


Academic writing is a science of its own. SciPub+ helps researchers and students navigate it.

How it works: SciPub+ offers 10 different AI writing assistants that enhance the efficiency and quality of research papers, theses, and scholarly articles. Each assistant is specialized in a specific writing stage (e.g. outlines, abstracts, conclusions, and literature reviews). SciPub+ is trained on academic best practices to create structured outlines for your papers and help with drafting and revision. (Pricing: freemium)

SEOpital helps scale your content strategy

How it works: SEOpital is an AI writing assistant that creates high-quality content for your website and social media. Input the keywords you want to rank for, and SEOpital will create website copy, social media captions, and blog articles to optimize for those keywords. The tool is custom-trained to match your company’s tone. 

Time-saver: SEOpital analyzes the top 10 search results on your target keywords to identify other important keywords—and automatically integrates them into your articles. The tool also offers a WordPress integration, so you can publish generated blog posts in one click. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

Instantly optimize your YouTube channel with AI

After spending countless hours filming, editing, and uploading, just two things can make or break your YouTube video’s performance: your thumbnail and title.

That’s why over 10 million creators and businesses use TubeBuddy.

With TubeBuddy’s advanced AI, you can:

  • Test different thumbnails and predict which will get the most clicks.

  • Visualize where the viewer’s eye will be drawn with TubeBuddy’s heat maps.

  • Churn out dozens of click-worthy, optimized titles.

  • Easily compare different titles and thumbnails with the A/B testing tool.

Zoviz creates custom logos in minutes


How it works: Zoviz uses AI to generate custom logos and brand kits. Input your brand name and an optional tagline that captures your brand’s identity—and Zoviz will generate a full brand kit complete with logo ideas, a brand book, letterheads, email signatures, and more. Once you’re satisfied with all of the design elements and have customized them to your liking, you can instantly download everything in high resolution. (Pricing: paid)

Manja.AI coaches sales professionals with AI

How it works: Manja.AI is a sales coach that provides sales agents with personalized coaching to improve their skills. The tool listens in on sales calls and demos to identify potential weak spots in sales techniques. Based on this conversation analysis, it offers users actionable tips. 

Not just coaching: When used across a team of sales professionals, Manja.AI’s data-driven analytics provide detailed insights into the entire team’s performance. This makes it easier to identify performance trends and make informed strategy decisions. (Pricing: freemium)

ChatHelp is a custom-trained assistant

How it works: ChatHelp is an AI chatbot designed to save you time looking up information for your business, work, or academic studies. You can train ChatHelp’s AI to become an expert on your own data and documents—it can read various file formats and integrates with popular apps (like Notion, Shopify, Google Docs, and Slack) to pull information.

Bonus: ChatHelp lets you create an AI-powered customer support chat widget for your website. Trained on the website’s content, support documents, product descriptions, and user guidelines, the custom chatbot can respond to site visitors’ questions in real-time.  (Pricing: paid—offers a free trial)

And that’s a wrap! If you’ve already got access to GPT-4 Turbo through Microsoft Copilot (here’s how to find out), I’d love to hear your opinion on the model’s new capabilities. Meanwhile, stay tuned for Friday’s newsletter!

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