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Welcome back! Perplexity and ElevenLabs partnered up to launch Discover Daily, a daily podcast that curates news stories from Perplexity’s Discover feed and brings them to life with ElevenLab’s AI voices. And here’s a cool bonus: As part of the partnership, ElevenLabs users can try Perplexity Pro for free for three months. 

P.S. We have a special job listing in today’s edition…keep reading to check it out. :)

Dottypost streamlines your LinkedIn content creation


How it works: Dottypost helps creators and businesses grow their LinkedIn brand presence by simplifying content creation. It uses AI to generate LinkedIn posts based on your input (like a post description, a URL to an existing blog post, or a YouTube link). Dottypost also offers a LinkedIn Carousel Maker that creates customizable carousel posts from scratch. And if you’re feeling stuck, the tool has a library of 10,000+ viral LinkedIn posts for inspiration. 

Content scheduling: Instead of manually logging into LinkedIn every time you want to post, you can manage and schedule your content directly from Dottypost’s platform. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

Logomark creates professional logos from text prompts

How it works: Logomark is an AI-powered logo design tool that lets users create logos in three different styles: pictorial marks for detailed and realistic logos, abstract marks for more geometric shapes, and line marks for minimalist designs. The tool is powered by a Stable Diffusion model specialized on logo creation. Getting started is as easy as typing in a text prompt describing what you want your logo to depict. (Pricing: freemium)

The All-in-One AI Video Generation Platform

Spoiler alert: the next iteration of AI video generation is launching today. LTX Studio is a groundbreaking AI platform that lets you turn simple text prompts into fully-produced professional videos—with incredible detail and resolution.

How LTX Studio is changing the game:

  • Everything—from ideation to post-production—can be done on one platform.

  • You have complete control over every element of video generation, from camera angles to frame control and character casting.

  • You can use features like face replacement and music generation to add even more dimension to your creation.

You’re about to witness the future of AI video generation.

Communicate effectively anywhere with Idict

How it works: Idict is a mobile translation app that provides real-time translation for 72+ languages. Its voice feature is particularly handy for travelers—users can speak into their phone, choose an output language, and instantly get an audio pronunciation in the language of their choice. Users can also type a text into Idict to be translated into written form with precise verb conjugations.

There’s more: Idict recognizes dialects and regional accents, allowing for more accurate translations. It also offers an object detection feature that lets you snap a picture of an object and get information about it in their preferred language. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

Trinka’s writing assistant goes beyond basic spell checks

How it works: Trinka’s platform has several useful features to bulletproof your writing. Its Grammar Checker provides suggestions on your word choice, style, and word count reduction. Its Proofread File feature automatically edits entire Word and LaTeX documents and records all changes for your review if needed. Other features include a Plagiarism Checker, Citation Checker, and Publication Readiness Checker. 

Bonus: Trinka doesn’t only support academic and technical writing—it’s also specialized in proofreading and editing legal documents. (Pricing: freemium)

Anura analyzes your health with just a selfie

Anura’s AI measures important biomarkers like heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing—with your camera. 

How it works: Anura can run on any mobile device with a camera. First, it guides you through a 30-second video scan of your face. This works by bouncing light off key areas of your face to extract information from your blood flow. Anura’s AI then runs your scan against its training data of 40,000+ patients with various medical conditions and backgrounds.

You’ll get a comprehensive report assessing your vitals, metabolic health, and more. Your data will be deleted after your report is generated. (Pricing: freemium)

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