AI 🤝 Your fitness goals

The AI tools changing the game this week

Happy New Year! 2024’s going to be a wild one. I’ve certainly got some high expectations for AI development over the next 12 months—check out my ambitious predictions in my latest video. Can’t wait to bring you along for the ride!

Today, I’m kicking things off with a roundup of some fresh AI tools I think you’re going to love.

Impakt helps you reach your 2024 fitness goals


How it works: Impakt is a fitness coach in your pocket. Using AI, it creates personalized workouts aligned with your goals and based on your fitness level. The app continuously analyzes your performance using data from your fitness wearable to provide real-time feedback on metrics like heart rate, calories burned, balance, and technique. It can even see and correct your form as you move through a workout.

Community: Impakt offers social features, allowing users to share fitness achievements and offer support and motivation. No more excuses! :) (Pricing: free)

Jellypod converts your inbox into a personalized podcast

If you’re an email newsletter junkie (đź‘‹), reading through your whole inbox can get…overwhelming. Jellypod keeps you up-to-date, so you don’t have to spend your mornings sifting through your inbox. 

How it works: Jellypod is a text-to-audio tool that generates concise daily recaps of your newsletter subscriptions. Using AI, Jellypod analyzes the context of your newsletters and extracts core information from each edition. It then combines that content into an engaging, podcast-style summary that you can listen to in the Jellypod app. 

Bonus: Jellypod allows you to customize the narrator's voice, playback speed, and publishing schedule of your daily podcast. It also supports multiple podcasts a day for paid users. (Pricing: freemium)

Osum performs deep market research in seconds

Market research projects can easily cost thousands of dollars and take weeks to complete. That was before Osum.

Osum helps you perform deep market research in seconds. Just copy and paste a URL to access detailed industry insights, SWOT analysis, buyer personas, sales prospect profiles, growth opportunities, and more.

Stay ahead of your competition and discover new ways to unlock 10X growth.

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Leonardo AI now brings AI images to life / Ryan Morrison

Leonardo AI is an AI image generator known for its ability to create stunning visual assets. While I’ve enjoyed using it to create game assets, the tool can also be used for graphic design, fashion, architecture and so much more. Now, Leonardo AI allows you to turn images into impressive video clips.

How it works: Built on top of Stable Video Diffusion (Stability AI’s foundational model for generative video), Motion can turn AI-generated images into three to four-second video clips. Simply generate a new image with Leonardo AI (or choose an existing image made public by other users) and click the “Generate motion video” button.

P.S. Motion is available to Leonardo users on both free and paid plans. Paid subscribers get the perk of unlimited video generation. (Pricing: free)

Sketch2App turns sketches into functional code

How it works: Sketch2App leverages GPT-4 Vision to transform sketches of app layouts or components into code—compatible with various frameworks (including React, Next, Flutter, and more). Just take a picture of your sketch using your computer’s webcam—or draw a fresh sketch on the tool’s virtual canvas—and upload it to the Sketch2App web app.

Customizable: You can then tweak and iterate the generated code through simple text prompts. (Pricing: free)

Creatify generates engaging video ads in seconds

Working with limited marketing resources? Creatify makes video ad creation easy, no filming skills required. 

How it works: Simply provide a product link or text description, and Creatify will use AI to instantly generate scripts and a video preview. You can then customize the voice, avatar, and footage, hit render, and produce a market-ready video. ad variations, so you test to find the best option for your audience and campaign needs.

Creatify’s videos are compatible with major platforms like Shopify, TikTok, and Amazon to ensure that you reach your target audience. (Pricing: paid—offers a free trial)

And that’s a wrap! Curious to hear whether your expectations for AI this year are just as ambitious as mine. Shoot me a reply with your big predictions! See ya back here on Friday. 

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