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Plus: How to use LLMs offline

Welcome back! This week, OpenAI shared some small (but mighty) updates. First up: DALL·E has a brand new editing interface that lets you modify specific areas of generated images, accessible via the ChatGPT app and website. And when you go to try it out, you’ll notice the company’s second update: ChatGPT no longer requires you to sign up or sign in to start using it. Small changes, but big points for improved control and accessibility. 

Run LLMs locally with LM Studio

How it works: LM Studio is an easy way to run open-source LLMs locally—no coding required. All you have to do is install the application on your laptop, and LM Studio will search HuggingFace for open-source LLMs (like LLaMa, Gemma, Falcon, and more) that are compatible with your computer size. You can then download these models and use them through the in-app chat interface. And because you’re accessing LLMs on-device, your data stays protected.

The coolest feature? LM Studio recently launched Multi Model Sessions, which allow you to load and prompt multiple local LLMs simultaneously. You could even use this API to build networks of LLMs that can talk to each other. (Pricing: free)

Rafa helps you invest like a pro

How it works: Powered by a mix of highly specialized quant agents and language models, Rafa analyzes market data and your portfolio to help you make smarter investing decisions. By connecting directly to your brokerage account, Rafa offers personalized portfolio predictions and risk analysis—even sending alerts for ideal buying and selling opportunities. 

Unique features: Rafa’s agents can summarize SEC filings, uncover high-potential stocks, decode real-time options flow, and more. And? Its News Agent creates a custom feed of news and events based on your portfolio and personal goals. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

Increased Insights = Increased Revenue

Deep market research provides invaluable customer insights, leading to faster lead conversion. But high-quality market research projects easily cost thousands of dollars and take weeks to complete—until now.

With Osum, you can leverage deep market research for your company in seconds. Simply copy and paste a URL into Osum to access detailed industry insights, SWOT analysis, buyer personas, sales prospect profiles, growth opportunities, and more for any product or business.

Now, you can transform insights into revenue without spending thousands of dollars or weeks on complicated market research projects.

Want to start reaching new insights right now?

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Lewis takes your story idea from logline to script

How it works: Got a story idea? Describe it to Lewis, and the AI tool will instantly build out a full narrative—creating characters, plotlines, scene descriptions, and more. You can specify the characters’ traits, settings, genres, and even the overall storytelling style you'd like it to follow. Users have experimented with the tool to create AI film trailers, short-form videos, music videos, pitch decks—you name it. 

Story feed: Keytalk AI, the company behind Lewis, built the tool with community in mind. On its story feed, users can share their creations, “like” other users’ projects, and even compete against other creators on a leaderboard.

HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator streamlines blog creation

How it works: Suffering from writer’s (or blogger’s) block? Check out HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator. Describe what your blog should be about, and this tool instantly generates engaging blog titles, SEO-optimized keywords and search volume data (pulled from Semrush), and a comprehensive blog outline. 

Easy integration: You can access the Blog Ideas Generator directly within your content creation workflow in HubSpot’s CMS interface. After drafting your blog with the tool, you can publish it directly to the CMS. (Pricing: free)

Go from idea to app with Glowbom

How it works: Glowbom is a generative code tool that allows users to create apps and games without any coding skills.Sketch your app, attach your design elements—and Glowbom spits out generated code. You can then export your code to HTML, SwiftUI, Kotlin, Next.js, or Flutter to build an app for Android, iOS, or web. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

And that’s a wrap! I’ll be back in your inbox on Friday with a roundup of this week’s biggest AI headlines. Catch you then!

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