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The AI tools changing the game this week

Welcome back! Want to up your prompting game? A new research paper recently devised 26 prompting strategies that can seriously improve ChatGPT’s answers. Some strategies are pretty wild…like adding the phrases "I'm going to tip for a better solution!" or “You will be penalized.”

If you try any of these strategies, hit reply and let me know how they worked for you!

Artflow brings your stories to life


Whether you’re creating animated stories or designing avatars for social media, Artflow turns your ideas into high-quality visual content.

How it works: Artflow uses OpenAI’s CLIP and Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion models to generate unique images and video-based stories with consistent characters. The tool’s Character Builder lets you design full-body characters using simple text descriptions. You can then generate images of your characters in various settings while controlling for shot type (like camera angle, body position, etc.). Artflow’s Video Studio feature brings your characters to life with lip-sync animations and camera motions. 

Use cases: Artflow is also great for creating video greetings, educational tutorials, and social media videos. (Pricing: freemium)

Script.It streamlines business operations

How it works: Script.It is a no-code platform to help businesses automate repetitive tasks (like billing, document review, speech-to-text transcription, and other *fun* administrative stuff). To set up a new AI workflow, just explain what you want to do via a spoken command—and Script.It will build an AI solution for that task. The tool also organizes every step of the AI’s process in its Prompt Context Management system, so you can refine your new workflow. 

Bonus: Script.It offers pre-built agents specialized in complex tasks like extensive internet research and data reporting. (Pricing: paid—offers free trial)

ShotSolve answers questions about any screenshot

How it works: ShotSolve is a free Mac app that uses GPT-4 Vision to answer your questions about any screenshot. Simply take a screenshot, type your question into the app’s chat window, and watch GPT-4 Vision generate an answer. ShotSolve can be a great tool for constructive critique on designs, marketing material, or software code. 

Side note: Because the app leverages GPT-4 Vision, you’ll need a valid OpenAI API Key to use ShotSolve. Here’s how you can set that up. (Pricing: free)

InMagic is your personal Instagram assistant

How it works: InMagic offers a range of features to assist Instagram users with content creation and personal development. After analyzing your Instagram profile and captions, InMagic will suggest daily content ideas and help you craft a unique bio that speaks to your target audience. The tool also automatically generates captions. 

Getting personal: Besides content inspo, InMagic will provide you with a list of book recommendations, travel suggestions, and business ideas that align with your skills and interests. (Pricing: freemium)

Simple Analytics streamlines your website analytics

How it works: Simple Analytics is a privacy-focused, no-cookies alternative to Google Analytics that integrates into your website with a simple line of code. Once you’re all set up, the tool’s user-friendly chatbot interface provides real-time insights into your website’s visitors and traffic sources.

Bonus: Simple Analytics can also create visually appealing charts of your website traffic data from simple text prompts (and turn them into sharable social content). (Pricing: paid—offers a free trial)

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